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From: Brett Woods <>
Subject: Andrew Wood - Ulster Plantation - 1609 [LONG]
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 13:12:05 -0600

I am trying to identify the descendants of the Andrew Wood who received
land under the Ulster Plantation scheme in 1609. Andrew emigrated from
Aryshire, Scotland. His date of application was 20 July 1609. His
surety was a John Wood of Geilston, Scotland.

Andrew, with presumably his siblings or children (John, William and
James) appears on the The Muster Roll of the County of Donegal, circa
1630, in the Barony de Rapho, then administered by Ludovic Stuart, of
the famous family of Stewart, who was then the Lord Duke of Lennox.
The following is a transcript of the muster list, that appears to have
categorized individuals in groups indicating their proficiency with a
particular weapon. Note that I have made no attempt to correct
spelling, capitalization or other grammatical errors.


The Muster Roll of the County of Donnagall 1630 A.D. As printed in the
Donegal Annual. Barony de Rapho - The Lord Duke of Lynox, undertaker of
4000 acres, his men and armes:

Robert Leackye, James Wood, Andrew Wood, Mathew Lyndsey, William
Douglas, Robert Lyndsay, Robert Buchanan, John Galbreath, Alexander
Buchanan, Alexander Lawder, James Denniston elder, Andrew Royare,
William Laughlan, John Lowrye, John Ralston, William Cokeran, Hector
Hinman, Robert Cocheran, John Buchanan, John mcConochy, Robert mcPeter,
George Haldin, Robert Horner, Donell Galey, Robert mcKyndely, Robert
Glass, Archbell Campbell, ffyndley mcKindley, Andrew mctyre, Alexander
Galbreath, John mcKaire, John Thromble, John Smyth, Dunkan mcffarlen,
Patrick mcNeron, Wm. McLentock, George Colmories, Robert mcffarlan, John
mcffarlan, Patt. mcAndrew, Patt. mcArthur, Robert Denyston, Donnell
mcBaxter, John Boyd, Humfrey Colquphone, William Gulilan, John Steward,
John McIlman, John Scot, Robert Boyde, Thomas Lowrye.

Swords Onely
John Wood, John Martin, John mcLenochan, John Cambell edler, William
Deneston, John Buchanan, John Cambell, John mcffarlan, Donnell
mcffarlan, Robert Michell, Costyme Ranckein, John Allen, Gilbert
mcLyntock, John Brice, James Allan, Dunkan Speney, Thomas Ramsey, John
Cock, James Cock, Andrew Cock, William Scot , John mcCawly, John
mcGourden, Andrew Lackye, James mcKennye, James Hustone, Robert Lackye.

Swords and Snaphances
James Dromond , Archbald Gambell.

Snaphances onely
Morrice mcConnell, John Cocheran, John Snodgarse, John Cambell younger,
Owen mcNair, David Lyndsay, Alexander mcLentock, Robert Aickeene, Robert
Morison, James Kilsoe, Donnell mcNichol, Dunkan Cambell, Donnell
mcBaxter elder, Robert Barlaine, James Richye, John Swayne, John
Valentyne, Dunkan Graham.

Swords and Pikes
Robert Calmeris, Andrew Calmeris

Pikes onely
Hugh Greire

Sword and halbert
John mcffarlan

Sword and Calleuer
John Royer, Morrice Peacock, Walter Lowrye, William mcNevin, Robert
Campbell, John mcKyndley, David mcKan John mcIldonagh, Dunkan mcffarlan,
John Crawfford, John Sempell, James Symison, William mcarthur, Robert
Reroch, Thomas Crafford, Camack mcCole, Henry Cruse, John Barlone,
Thomas Swaine, Patrick Porlerm, Randall mcAlexander, John Douglas, James
Logan, Alexander Hamond, Mathew Gillrew, William Hewes, Robert Leman,
Donnell mcCahey, Adam Quahone, Neece mcGilrouse, John mcffarlan, Walter
Deneston, Anthony Steward, William Noble, John Parmenter, Andrew
Galbreath, Willliam Wood, John Wood, John Steward, James Deneston, James
Muthey, John Pecock, Walter Roger, Robert Craufourd, John Brittein,
Archbald Ballintyne, John Young, Thomas mcKeeg, Gawen mcConnell, John
Logan, John Watson, Lamock mcColl, Walter Henry, John Buchanan, Robert
Cambell, David Gibb, Dunkan Crafford, John Pearce, George Allyson, John


There are other entries for the Wood family, still around 1630, in both
Donegal and Tyrone Counties. I have also included these listing that
provide a number of other surnames who were living there at the time.
Surnames that occur more than once are indicated as x2, x3, etc.


Adair, Alexander, Allen x2, Arnett x2, Barkley, Barry, Bauld, Black,
Blair, Boyd, Boyle x2, Brisbane, Brown, Bruce, Bryce. Buchanan, Burne,
Calwell x2,
Campbell x2, Carr x3, Cloggie, Colguhoun x2, Coohoone x2, Crawford,
Cunningham x15, Dick, Donnell, Dougal, Dunne x3, Dunsayer, Ekyn, Ewart,
Flemming, Forecheade, Fullerton, Fulton, Fyieff, Gaate (Galt), Galbreth,
Filmour, Glass, Glen, Gordon, Grynney, Hall, Hamilton x11, Harper,
Henry, Homes, Hood, Huggins, Hunter, Hutchins, Johnston, Julius,
Kennedy, Kernes, Kilpatrick x2, Knox, Laycock, Leckie, Leitch, Leslie,
Lockhard, Lodge, Machell, Machen, Martin, Maxwell, Montgomery, Moore,
Moorhead, Murray, McAlison, McAuld, McCamuel, McClairne, McCullough,
McErdy, McIlcheny, McIntyre, McKay, McKinney, McKym, McLintagh,
McLoghery, McLoran, McMath, Nelson, Nesbitt, Orr, Patterson, Patoun,
Peere (Pery), Pont, Purveyance, Rankin, Ritchie, Robin, Robson, Roger,
Sawyer, Scott, Sempell, Semple x4, Simpson, Smelley, Smith x3, Smythe
Spence, Stephenson, Stevenson, Stevin, Stewart x4, Sutherland, Teyse
(Tees), Thompson, Thomson, Valantyne, Vance, Watson, Wilson,
Wood x2, Young


Abercorn, Acheson, Anderson, Andrews, Arnett x2, Barkley, Bean, Boyle,
Brown, Burne, Carmichael, Carslaw, Cathcart, Colville, Cooper, Craig,
(Greer), Crosby x2, Demstar, Doninge, Drum, Drummond, Elpinstone, Ferry,
Fingleton, Gamble, Gibbe, Gibson, Granger, Grime, Gryme, Hamilton x15,
Hatrick, Henderson x2, Hendrie, Hexburn, Highgate x2, Holmes, Karns,
Kennedy x2, Kyle, Lawson, Lindsay x3, Love, Lynn x2, Mackerson, Maxwell
Means x2, Meen, Millar, Montgomery x8, Morne, Morrison, Morrow,
Muntreeth, Murdogh, Murduff, McAulay, McCreaghan x2, McCrery,
McGee, McGowan, McGraghan, McGunshenour, McIlmurry, McIntyre, McKaundy,
McKearn, McKittrick, Newburgh, Parke, Patterson, Pooke, Pringle,
Reade, Richardson, Robinson, Saunderson, Sharpe, Simpson, Smythe,
Spottiswood x4, Stephenson x5, Steward x3, Stewart x7, Symington,
Wilie, Wilson, Wood, Wooley, Wright, Young


Finally, I should point out that the dscendants of Andrew Wood appear
to have frequently (over a number of subsequent generations)married
members of the Wallace, McDowell and Campbell families, both in Ireland
and after their (circa 1720) emigration to the Americas (PA and VA).
Further, that I have no additional information on any of the surnames
listed above. Thanks for any assitance in helping me identify Andrew
Wood's descendants.

Brett F. Woods
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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