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From: Stephanie Ryan <>
Subject: [NORTHERNIRELANDGENWEB] Stephanie added you as a friend on MyLife!
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 04:15:57 -0700

Stephanie Ryan added you as a friend on MyLife(TM).
Please confirm you know Stephanie so we can connect you.

Do You Know Stephanie?

YES - Connect with Stephanie, and see who's searching for you type="text/javascript">DisplayMail('','northernirelandgenweb-l');&userid=346674&extra=&&&2002&&& type="text/javascript">DisplayMail('','northernirelandgenweb-l');

NO - I don't know Stephanie type="text/javascript">DisplayMail('','northernirelandgenweb-l');&userid=346674&extra=&&&2000&&& type="text/javascript">DisplayMail('','northernirelandgenweb-l');&uid=340871329


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