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Mariane here is what I found for Seaman & Gaddis:

Hamilton Co Burial records Vol 2 Anderson Township 1800 - 1989
Mt Washington Cemetery http://www.terradise.101main.com/cemetery/<http://www.terradise.101main.com/cemetery/>;
Seaman, Daniel born: Cincinnati, OH birth date: 11 Feb 1865 death or interment date: 2 Nov 1945 h/o Louise Strasser s/o John Seaman & Sarah Huddleston
Seaman, Louise nee Strasser birth date: not listed death or interment date: 30 May 1954 wife of Daniel

Flag Spring Cemetery, Newtown
High, Gertrude nee Seaman b.22 Sep 1909 d.29 May 1983 died in Cincinnati, OH w/o William Everett High.
Gaddis, T. L. 8 May 1890 (no grave stone info from record books)

Clinton Co Burials 1798 - 1999
Seaman, Ann Olivia Blanchester Old/M D. 7-23-1850 Age 4 Mo. 23 Da., Bur. Row 13 Lot 27, daughter of William and Rachel Seaman
Seaman, Elizabeth Sugar Grove/U Clinton Co. OH, no data, Bur. Sec 3 Lot 47, kin William Applegate, moved from Applegate
Seaman, Emma J. New Vienna IOOF/G B. 1886, D. 1950
Seaman, Henry O. Blanchester Old/M D. 4-8-1850 Age 19 Yr. 7 Mo. 11 Da., Bur. Row 13 foot of Lot 26
Seaman, J. Emery New Vienna IOOF/G B. 1884, D. 1967
Seaman, Mary New Antioch-Old/G D. 6-30-1860 Age 24 Yr. 11 Mo. 12 Da., daughter of W. D. and N. Seaman
Seaman, Mary Jane Sabina/R Bur. 1920 Sec 11 Lot 36
Seaman, Nellie M. New Vienna IOOF/G B. 1880, D. 1960
Seaman, Robert E. New Vienna IOOF/G B. 1918
Seaman, Unknown Blanchester Old/M No data, Bur. Row 13 Lot 28
Gaddis, Alpha Sugar Grove/U B. 11-21-1868, D. 5-12-1949, Bur. 5-14-1949 Sec 6 Lot 157C, heart failure, wife Rebecca L. Huff Gaddis (M. 1-17-1895); son Alpheus Gaddis
Gaddis, Alpheus Sugar Grove/U B. 1-15-1915 Clinton Co. OH, D 9-27-1995 Columbus OH, Bur. 9-30-1995 Sec 6 Lot 157C, WW2 veteran, parents Alpha and Anna Durtsche Gaddis ; sister Ruthanna Buckley of Sabina OH, FH Littleton
Gaddis, Amanda A. Sugar Grove/U B. 4-4-1841, D. 4-22-1928, Bur. 4-25-1928 Sec 4 Lot 57, heart trouble, nee Smith, husband Andrew Rice Gaddis, FH Holladay
Gaddis, Andrew Rice Sugar Grove/U B. 5-23-1841 Clinton Co. OH, D. 1-30-1917, Bur. 2-1-1917 Sec 4 Lot 57, wife Amanda Smith Gaddis; kin Alpha Gaddis
Gaddis, Ann Jonah's Run/Ch B. 5-12-1817, D. 3-11-1845, nee Mushen, husband Allen S Gaddis (M. 8-17-1837)
Gaddis, Anna Sugar Grove/U 531 W.Washington St. Sabina OH, B. 12-5-1877 Galion OH, D. 4-10-1976, Bur. 4-13-1976 Sec 6 Lot 157C, husband Alpha Gaddis, parents Jacob and Katherine Durtsche, FH Marsh
Gaddis, Ardis King Sugar Grove/U B. 5-20-1905, D. 3-24-2003 Kettering OH, Bur. 3-272003 Sec 7 Lot 127 grave 6, parents Clete and Pearl Simonton King; daughter Carol Oldham, FH Tobias
Gaddis, Bowen Gaddis/U B. 3-5-1817, D. 10-12-1845
Gaddis, Catharine Jonah's Run/Ch D. 6-31-1841 Age 71 Yr.
Gaddis, Children Sugar Grove/U Clinton Co. OH, B. Clinton Co. OH, Bur. Sec 7 Lot 127, children moved from Kingman, kin Jesse G. Gaddis
Gaddis, Donald William Centerville/Way B. 1-11-1918, D. 6-18-1969, Bur. 6-25-1969 Sec 8 Lot 12, wife Pauline Reed Gaddis; parents Robert B. and Hattie Ashmore Gaddis
Gaddis, Eliza E. Springfield Friends/A Hillsboro OH, B. 3-31-1884, D. 6-23-1962, Bur. Sec 3 Lot 16
Gaddis, Elizabeth Jonah's Run/Ch B. 1779, D. 9-15-1854, nee Pierce, husband William Gaddis
Gaddis, Ethel Springfield Friends/A Wilmington OH, B. 4-25-1888 Rainsboro OH, D. 3-28-1945, Bur. Sec 3 Lot 16
Gaddis, Everett Springfield Friends/A Wilmington OH, B. 10-22-1889 Hillsboro OH, D. 12-11-1949, Bur. Sec 3 Lot 16
Gaddis, George B. Jonah's Run/Ch D. 3-4-1850 Age 11 Yr. 7 Mo. 22 Da., son of A. and A.
Gaddis, Hannah Gaddis/U D. 2-4-1835 Age 88 Yr., husband Colonel Thomas Gaddis
Gaddis, Hattie Centerville/Way Bur. 9-13-1954 Sec 8 Lot 12
Gaddis, Hattie Sugar Grove/U Clinton Co. OH, B. 12-25-1876 Clinton Co. OH, D. 6-26-1906, Bur. 6-28-1906 Sec 4 Lot 47, mother Amanda Smith Gaddis
Gaddis, Infant Sugar Grove/U B. and D. 10-8-1968 Wilminton OH, Bur. 10-10-1968 Sec 4 Co. Lot A, male fetus, FH Marsh
Gaddis, Jesse G. Sugar Grove/U Dayton OH, B. 6-24-1877 Decatur Illinois, D. 6-12-1938, Bur. 6-15-1938 Sec 7 Lot 127, cerebral hemorrhage, kin Roy Gaddis
Gaddis, Marion Carl Sugar Grove/U Osborn OH, B. 1849, D. 3-6-1928, Bur. 3-9-1928 Sec 7 Lot 127, myocarditis nephritis, kin J. G. and M. C. Gaddis, FH The Morris Sons Company
Gaddis, Mary Ann Gaddis/U D. 12-3-1842 Age 17 Yr. 4 Mo. 23 Da., daughter of William and Mary Gaddis
Gaddis, Mary Luetta Gaddis/U B. 10-19-1864, D. 11-23-1882
Gaddis, Mildred Jonah's Run/Ch B. 1780, D. 4-17-1843
Gaddis, Paulette Sugar Grove/U B. and D. 3-17-1949, Bur. 3-19-1949 Sec 3 Lot 46, stillborn, father Paul Gaddis
Gaddis, Rebecca Sugar Grove/U Clinton Co. OH, B. 11-21-1874 Clinton Co. OH, D. 5-10-1913, Bur. 5-13-1913 Sec 6 Lot 157, "Becca", husband Alpia Gaddis (M. 1-17-1895)
Gaddis, Rice Gaddis/U B. 8-26-1788 Fayette Co. Pennsylvania, D. 2-11-1853, Bur. Sec 1 Lot 7 grave 13, marker, War of 1812 Army veteran, wife Sarah Ann Andrews Gaddis; parents Thomas and Hannah Rice Gaddis
Gaddis, Robert B. Centerville/Way B. 10-21-1875, D. 5-3-1969, Bur. 5-7-1969 Sec 8 Lot 12, wife Hattie Ashmore Gaddis; parents Robert P. and Rachel Ann Miller Gaddis
Gaddis, Robert William Centerville/Way B. 7-12-1946, D. 10-25-1947, Bur. 11-5-1947 Sec 8 Lot 12, parents Donald and Pauline Reed Gaddis
Gaddis, Roy E. Sugar Grove/U B. Clinton Co. OH, D. 10-7-1974 Age 74 Yr. Greene Co. OH, Bur. 10-10-1974 Sec 7 Lot 127, acute myocardial infarction, FH Tobias of Dayton OH
Gaddis, Sarah Ann Gaddis/U B. 9-1804 Sweetbriar Virginia, D. 11-22-1901 Clinton Co. OH, nee Andrews, husband Rice Gaddis (M. 4-2-1840)
Gaddis, Susanne Sugar Grove/U West Milton OH, D. 10-31-1951, Bur. 11-3-1951 Sec 7 Lot 127, carcinoma, FH Reynolds
Gaddis, Thomas Gaddis/U B. 12-28-1742 Frederick Co. Virginia, D. 6-10-1834, Bur. Sec 1 Lot 7 grave 11, marker, Revolutionary War Army veteran, marked by DAR, pensioned, wife Hannah Rice Gaddis (M. 1764); parents William and Priscilla Bowen Gaddis; 11 children - Lydia, Ruth, Sarah, James, Hannah, Priscilla, William, Leah (William Rannells), Thomas, Rice (Sarah Ann Andrews Pembry) and John Gaddis
Gaddis, William Jonah's Run/Ch B. 4-15-1782, D. 7-23-1844, wife Elizabeth Pierce Gaddis
Gaddis, William H. Jonah's Run/Ch D. 3-1-1850 Age 9 Yr. 5 Mo. 18 Da., son of Allen and Ann Mushen Gaddis.

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Hi Lori,

Could you check your books for John Seaman(or maybe any other Seaman
who could be his sons and for any surname of Gaddis. I know that John
Seaman was an early settler in Cincinnati in the early 1800's and that his
widowed daughter Abigail whose husband John Gaddis died in Clinton County in
1807, shortly before the birth of Rees Gaddis, leaving her with TWO Gaddis',
came to live with him in 1807. I have tracked my GGwhatever Grandfather
Rees Gaddis from Clinton County, to Cincinnati and on to McLean County,
Illinois with his widowed mother Abigail Gaddis. Be forewarned lol my
Rees Gaddis is the Son of John Gaddis, and Grandson of Captain Rees Gaddis,
son of William Gaddis. There are other Rees Gaddis' in Clinton County from
another branch and Captain Rees Gaddis went on to Kentucky, married again(no
idea who was his Son, John's Mother) and had a Son and Grandson Rees
Gaddis.. I hope this is all clear and sorry to be so long. I cannot find
any mention of John Seaman except the census, no idea if the right one or
the other Gaddis child of Abigail.

Mariane in Spring has finally sprung Northern Michigan

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