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This is what I found for David Lancaster in Erie County. I hope it helps.
I did a quick check on John Delano but I did not find anything for him yet.
I will search a little more and if I find him, I will post to the list.

Lancaster, David
State: Ohio Year: 1850
County: Erie Roll: M432_676
Township: Milan Twp Page: 79
Image: 358

1850 U.S. Census . Ohio . Erie . Milan, ancestor image 34 and 35 (on 2
Enumerated on 10 December 1850

David Lancaster 30 blacksmith Ohio (married within the year)
Mary 20 England (married within the year)
Alice R Lancaster 1/12 Ohio

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>Reposting for Hank who's request went to the wrong address:
>I would like to know If I could talk someone Into doing a check of the 1850
>-Cen ERIE for one family that got Married In Norwalk, but think they may
>gone over there. They married in Norwalk 1849 - They were as follows
>- PENN.
>The first & second child was born there. third was In MI.
> #( 1 )was ALICE,b.1850 OH.#( 2 )GERTRUDE,b.1854 OH.
># ( 3 ) J W - JAMES WILMOT,b.1859, MI - RE:1880 CALIF
>We have't been able to locate them living anywhere outside of CALIF.
>The same goes for another wayward Member of the family
>NY -- Married 1842 In NORWALK - Had two children -- as follows
>We would sure like to know some of the whereabouts of this family . There
>was a divorce not too long after the last child , so a 1860 Census on this
>may prove a problem . And I don;t know what avenue to look. We came by the
>divorce info from some writting of a Bro.that was living In IONIA CO. MI.
>There has been thought She went up
>to MI. or on to KANSAS, but that the story as I know It !!
>What a task - Do you want a Challenge ?This Is It !!
>HELP IF YOU CAN == Hank Pool WA. State
>Hank Pool

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