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From: "Linda Farmer" <>
Subject: Re: [OH-CENSUS] 1850/Unknown County/John M. JOHNSON (b. 1824 in Ohio)
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 18:02:42 -0500
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My conclusion exactly, only I thought that David Cutler was Daniel (Danl)

The 1880 census shows Martha's father b. in VT and mother in OH. John and
Martha's two older children were b. IL, so that's where I went looking and
found the following....

1850 Illinois, Peoria Co., City of Peoria, HH# 610/621
Roll: M432_123; Pg: 165
Cutler, J. B., 45, m, shoemaker, real estate value $100, VT
----- Nancy L., 35, f, OH (could this be the N. L. Cu?ter???)
----- Mary M., 16, f, OH (could this be Mary Martha???)
----- Emily, 11, f, OH
----- Danl R., 9, m, OH
----- Mary, 6, f, OH
----- James, 2, m, IA

There is one problem with this. Daniel Cutler is shown in both John and
Martha's household in Bremer Co., IA (enumerated on July 12, 1860) and in
his parents household in Peoria, IL (enumerated on July 25, 1860). Could he
have made the trip in 13 days??? Or was he visiting Martha, and his mother
just included him as a part of her household??? Who knows???

By 1870 this Cutler family is found in Bremer Co. IA. Also, most other
census records I found say Gideon B. or G. B. Cutler rather than J. B. I did
not find G. B. after 1880.

On Wed., Sept. 21, 2005 3:26 PM, "J Johnson" <>

> Hello, Linda,
> Thank you for your work and help. I took another look at the 1860
Census (John M., Martha, son Howard, and dau Clara lived in Warren Township,
Bremer Cty, Iowa at that time) and noticed that a "David CUTLER" (age 19)
lived with the family. In the 1885 Iowa state census there is a woman, 72,
N. L. CUTLER living with them. I'll bet she was Martha's mother and David
was Martha's brother. Do you think that's correct? The woman was married
but there was no husband enumerated in the household.
> Jeanne Johnson
> Linda Farmer <> wrote:
> Haven't had any luck determining which of the numerous John M. Johnson's
> would be the one you seek, but I may have found Martha's family if your
> Johnsons are found in Bremer Co. IA in 1860 -1870 & 1880.
> On Tue., Sept. 20, 2005 11:11 AM, wrote:
> > I would appreciate a lookup. John's wife Martha (Unknown) was b. 1834 in
> Ohio (I know her name will not be listed). I don't know if they were
> married in 1850 so John may still be shown with his parents, whose names I
> do not know. Both of his parents were b. in PA.
> > Thank you for any assistance.
> > Jeanne Johnson, Massachusetts

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