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From: "Bakers" <>
Subject: St. Mary's Catholic Church Baptism Records, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 15:24:37 +0200

I have a bunch of pages from a microfilm of baptisms for subject church.
I'll list the name of the person and baptism date. If you'd like a scan
of a particular person please send me the name and baptism date.
Thanks. Kathy Baker

Fleischman, Antonius Alfred, 8/9/1891
Klug, John August, 8/16/1891
Lihulz (? can't quite make that name out), Joseph Adolph, 8/16/1891
Zink, Crescentia Maria, 8/16/1891
Reiter, Franz Alexander, 8/16/1891
Dressel, Philomena Cathar., 8/16/1891
Faber, Stephan, 5/22/1892
Lippert, Petronella Josephina, 5/24/1892
Enderlin, Theodor, 5/25/1892
Mahr, Francis Anthony, 5/29/1892
Blake, Eleonora Carolina, 5/29/1892
Wiener, Eva Cecilia, 5/29/1892
Kaafe, Johanna, 6/2/1892
Kaafe, Sarah, 6/2/1892
Meyer, Franz, 6/4/1892
Oswald, Mildred Josephine Maria, 3/17/1895
Haberstock, Clara Frances, 3/17/1895
Zahnle, Rudolph Joseph, 3/24/1895
Schuette,William Joseph Jacob, 3/24/1895
Culver, Harold Walter Francis, 3/24/1895
Andreas, Albert Joseph, 3/24/1895
Laufkoetter, Margaret Bertha, 3/24/1895

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