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From: "Bakers" <>
Subject: St. Mary's Catholic Church Baptism Records, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 16:47:29 +0200

I have a bunch of pages from a microfilm of baptisms for subject church.
I'll list the name of the person and baptism date. If you'd like a scan
of a particular person please send me the name and baptism date.
Thanks. Kathy Baker

Schneider, Maria Viola, 9/6/1896
Curran, Catherine Irene, 9/6/1896
Boddey/Boddy, Martha, 9/7/1896
Boddey, Anna, 9/7/1896
Gilsdorf, George John, 9/18/1896
Wideman, Carolus Jos., 9/18/1896
Taylor, Isack Robert, 9/20/1896
Laney, Cyrillus Edson, 11/8/1896
Schoen, Aloysius Cliffert, 11/8/1896
Siebert, Leo Albert, 11/8/1896
Schuhmacher, Avella Maria, 11/8/1896
Heinz, Maria Rosa, 11/8/1896
Cummins, William Robert, 11/10/1896
Cook, Martha Luella, 12/6/1896
Rumpf, Carolus Petrus, 12/6/1896
Mersing, George John, 12/6/1896
McIntosh, Edward Wallare or Wallace, 12/6/1896
Hope, Catharina Franzis, 12/13/1896
Wiener, Carl Clemens, 12/13/1896
Steinberger, Elisabetha, 12/20/1896

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