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From the 18 September 1981 Greenfield, Ohio "Greenfield Daily

The 1981 Hollar Reunion was held Sept. 13 at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. David L. Smith, 8930 Snake rd, Greenfield. This year's theme 'The
Family Tree' reunited several family members for the first time in over 25
years. There were 126 attending the joyous occasion for a basket dinner at
Descendants of John and Martha (Christian) Hollar enjoyed the
Family Genealogy and Family Tree which was on display and prepared by
Barbara Carmean. The afternoon was spent reminiscing and taking pictures.
Various games were enjoyed. Plans were made for next year's reunion to be
held at the Smith home on Sept. 12.
Those in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Smith and Cindy,
Mr. and Mrs. George Smith, and Marcella, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hardin, Mr. and
Mrs. Vernon Hacker, Shannon and Vernon Ray of Fairborn, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Bradley of West Carrollton, Mr. and Mrs. Don Turner of Miamisburg, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Ray Storts and Tracy of Chillicothe, Mr. and Mrs. John Evans and
Jevon, Mr. and Mrs. James W. Sever, David, Kim and Jamie, Mr. and Mrs. Nick
Sexton and Brandi of Washington C.H.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Sever, Amy and Sid, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sever,
Lawrence Sever, Martin Sever, Helen Sever and Melody of Frankfort, Mr. and
Mrs. Tom Sowers of Clarksburg, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pryor, Barbie and Billy
of Columbus, Mrs. Beverly McDermitt and Nicki of Gahanna, Mrs. Dixie
Freeders, Stefanie and Russell of Brookville.
Mary Priest and Ethyl Cox of Leesburg, Mrs. Audra Puckett of
Centerfield, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Grimsley and Wade of New Petersburg, Stewart
Stanforth, Julie, Bernie and Jessica Hanes of Hillsboro, Mr. and Mrs. Lester
Delaney, Mary Dean, Donald Hollar, Dorothy Hollar, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Tangeman, Marian, JoAnn, Christine, Kelly, Janet and Rachel, all of Dayton.
James Beechler of Sacramento, Cal., Mr. and Mrs. Al Robinson and
Tina of Clarksville, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. John Hyer, Stephanie and Johnny of
Carrollton, Ky., Mr. and Mrs. Mike Beechler, Mike, Leslie and Sabrina of
Burr Oak, MI.
From Greenfield were Barbara, Bob and Bill Carmean, Cindy and Tara
Hudnell, Evelyn Carman, Doug Saylor, Edith Hanf, Virgil Kersey, Jean Kersey,
Craig Heiss, Mr. and Mrs. Vic Ratliff, Mr. and Mrs. John Wend, Cari and
Nathan Barr, Charles Mamerow, Joan Bonfield, Melinda, Rhonda and Shelley,
Mr. and Mrs. John Grimsley, Kristine and Robbie, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Hamilton, George Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Staats and Rachel, Betty Ely,
Bonnie and Pam Smith, Tim Miller, Dee Smith and the host and hostess, Mr.
and Mrs. David L. Smith.
Unable to attend were the two oldest living descendants, John
Hollar and Mrs. Georgia (Hollar) Stout. A get well card was signed by the
group for Mrs. Stout who is currently a patient at Fayette Memorial Hospital
following surgery."
From a September 1983 newspaper clipping, with the newspaper name
not shown:

The 1983 Hollar Reunion was held Sept. 11 at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. David L. Smith, 8930 Snake Rd., Greenfield.
There were 104 relatives and friends gathered for a basket dinner
at noon. The afternoon was spent socializing and games enjoyed by the
younger groups.
Those attending from Dayton were Donald Hollar; Mrs. Phyllis
Delaney; and Ralph and Mary Lou Tangeman and children, Janet and Rachel.
Don and Pat Turner from Miamisburg. Ralph and Virginia Bradley
from West Carrollton, Bev and Nicki McDermitt from Gahanna; Flossie Pryor
and children Barbara and Billy, and grandson, Shawn from Columbus.
From Fairborn were George J. and Vivian Smith, Marcella Lyn Smith.
Steve and Becky Smith and children, Cindy Vivy and Vickey.
From Clarksburg were Tom and Lib Sowers; Christ Storts.
Jim, Marilyn, David, Kim and Jamie Sever of Washington Court House.
From Frankfort were Don, Sue, Amy and Sid Sever; Helen Sever;
Melody Miller and Chasity.
Martin Sever; Mary Priest, from Leesburg.
Audra Puckett from Centerfield.
From Chillicothe were, W. Ray and Victory Ann Storts; Rob and
Berlina Storts and children, Jennifer Ann and Ryan; Tracey Ann Storts.
From Hillsboro were, Susan Jordan and Joey; Larry and Marsha
Miller; Kathy Thornburg and Bobby; Kenneth and Claudia Carmen.
From the Greenfield area were, Barbara Carmean; Bob Carmean; Cindy
and Jara Hudnell; Billy Barnes; Dallas Carman and Ty; Frank Robson; Stewart,
Dee and Tyler Stanforth; John and Carol Wend; Cari and Nathan Barr; Patsi
Wile; Joan Bonfield and daughters, Melinda, Rhonda and Shelley; Charles
Mamerow; Beth and Brandy Sweeting; Dave McGinnis; V. W. Kersey; Edith Hanf;
Teresa, Rachel and Andy Staats; Patti DiLoreto; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hamilton;
Lee and Jodie Sever; Jean and Steve Smith and Caine; Betty J. Ely; Diana
Schneider and Heather and Justin. Bonnie Smith and Pam; Julie Bryant;
Bernie Hanes and Jessica. And the host and hostess Mr. and Mrs. David L.

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