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Subject: [OHASHLAN] Weikal/Wikel
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 13:42:30 EDT

Hi Bert......If you are looking for William Weikal from Rowsburg, OH....this
name does not coincide with him as far as dates are concerned [at least not
in my files] We can't pay a whole lot of attention to spelling though. I
started to write for this obit because I have been through all the Ashland
papers of that period and can not find his obit.....maybe I need to go back and
try different spelling. His son, David [who had worked for the paper] came
home from MO to see his father before he died, but I never found an obit. I
decided [maybe hastily] this wasn't my William Weikal.....if you find out
different, let me know.....I sure would like to have his obit.

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