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From: "Richard Cottrell" <>
Subject: [OHBUTLER-L] Accessing Marriage Records of Butler Co., OH from the LDS Web Page
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 19:42:15 -0600

You can actually view the transcribed version of the marriage records of
Butler Co., OH that are taken from the microfilm of that counties marriage
records on the LDS Web Page:

Go to the LDS Web Page:

http://www.familysearch.com or http://www.familysearch.org

Once the page appears you will see four tabs:

Home, Search, Share, Library

Click on the 'Search' tab.

A page will appear and to the left you will see:

International Genealogical Index, go ahead and click this item.

A page will come up and do this:

Last Name: Enter the surname you want to find (don't enter a first name in
case John is listed as Jno. or George is listed as Geo.)

Where it says 'Event' click and display 'Marriage'

Where it says 'Region' click and display 'North America'

When it shows 'Country' click and display 'United States'

When it shows 'State' click and display 'Ohio'

At the bottom you will see 'Batch Number'

Enter this number: M514511

Then at the bottom click the 'Search' button.

Now depending on the surname you entered what will appear is anyone and
everyone that married by that name in Butler Co., OH from 1803-1879.

Also is you vary the last number up or down like: M514512 it may display
other years. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't, just all depends
on if it was recorded.

Now if you are interested in other counties in Ohio then here is what I have

Allen M514381 1831-1852
Ashtabula M513331 1812-1853 M513332 1853-1878
Athens M513071 1812-1866
Auglaize M514221 1848-1871
Belmont M513106 1867-1879
Carroll M513471 1833-1875
Clermont M514461 to M514466 will show 1801-1868
Clark M514401 1818-1854
Clinton M514281 1852-1870
Crawford M514121 1831-1847
Cuyahoga M514232, M514233, M514236 1838 to 1874
Defiance M514071 1845-1885
Delaware M514164 1869-1879
Franklin M513351 1803-1840
Gallia M513221 1803-1862 M513222 1862-1874
Geauga M514291 1806-1842 M514462 1842-1870
Greene M514261 to M514268 1803 to 1870
Guernsey M514324 1870-1885
Harrison M514341 1813-1850
Highland M514471 to M514474 1805-1864
Hocking M514091 1818-1859
Holmes M514443 1877-1885
Huron M513441 1818-1846
Jackson M513211 1816-1857
Jefferson M514 371 to M514372 1803-1866
Lake M514421 to M514422 1842-1875
Licking M514102 1875-1883
Logan M514431 1818-1872
Mahoning M514062 1870-1883
Marion M513414 1867-1882
Medina M514184 1864-1878
Meigs M513091 1850-1878 M514532 1862-1869
M513173 1869-1879
Mercer M514021 1824-1870
Miami M514531 to M514533 1807-1885
Morgan M514081 1819-1860
Noble M514034 1879-1885
Perry M514133 1867-1885
Pike M513052 1867-1885
Preble M512961 1808-1859
Richland M514151 1813-1828
Ross M513201 to M513205 1798 to 1875
Scioto M513043 1870-1877
Shelby M514252 1845-1855
Stark M514304 1872-1878
Summit M514362 1849-1857
Tuscarawas M513191 1808-1844
Union M514484 1880-1885
Vinton M513092 1878-1885
Wayne M514202 1835-1851
Wood M513462 1867-1879

Give it a try, it does work.


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