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Subject: Re: [OHBUTLER] Armco Hill
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2012 20:54:23 -0400
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Please don't take your conversation private. I have enjoyed all the
information I have gathered. Being from Middletown, a lot of the names and
memories you've related, are recognizable to me. My Grandfather, Alvin Wehr,
Father, Ralph Wehr, and Uncle, Elmer Wehr all played in the Armco Band. My
Mom was a Butterfield, and was a 2nd cousin to Billy Butterfield. During his
career, he often played in our area, Louisville, Ky., when he had his own
Band. Dad like many, many others worked at Armco, until 1945.
An aside to my Father working at Armco , he had an engineer working for him,
James Kunkler, who became an Armco VP. Later my husband, and I realized that
James Kunkler was married to my Father in Law's, 1st cousin, Mary Potter
Kunkler. Small World!!
Linda Wehr Potter

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From: Old Hal
Sent: Saturday, April 07, 2012 12:44 PM
Subject: Re: [OHBUTLER] Armco Hill

Morning Pat.....probably should take this thread private but then again
other folks add things from time to time that makes this fun as you

Should tell you that my parents were: William Irving born 1902 at
Lexington, Fayette Co KY.....Mom was Ruth Rainwater born 1901 at
Mintonville, Casey Co., KY. In your list of Ashcraft people you noted
one fella married a Lucinda Rogers.....Did you note that my middle name
is Rogers? My Dad was product of Henry Irving and Mayme Rogers who
married 1896 in Lexington.....Grandmother was daughter of James Colmore
Rogers and Ellen Bush. JC was born 1849 in Nelson Co KY and Ellen born
in Winchester, Clark Co., KY......somewhere along the line you and I may
be Cuz's many times removed as they say.....

Changing topics for a few minutes......Several years ago my son Steve
called me and asked what I was going to do with my vast collection of
LP's and 78's.....Didn't even have a player for the 78's but I did for
the LP's but rarely ever played them......He proceeded to tell me about
a web site that sold all kinds of things and that they would select one
item a day and would sell until gone.....That day there was a thing
called "ION Playback" on sale for about $50. The thing here was that
although a turntable it had software that would allow it to do some
amazing things.....more about that later....Bottom line was that I went
online an ordered one....got it a few days later....

Here's the great thing......the Turntable (TT) had a regular hookup for
an amplifier and could be a regular record player, and also had a USB
hookup for a computer.....After plugging in to my Dell and having
speakers turned on, and software installed, I played an LP....Software
set up program called "i tunes".....TT sent LP contents to i
tunes....Within i tunes the software connected to another web site that
scanned each song and identified the LP, the artist, and the
song.....Again with the software provided I then "burned" the LP to a
CD. All automatic......Super!!! What next?? Using that software I
found that I could play a 78 on the TT, with the TT set for 45 RPM and
telling the software that the record was really a 78 it easily recorded
the 78 into i tunes program.....then I burned them to a CD.......Sound
is great and the 78's are in stereo.....just an idea for you and your

Take care and have a great weekend!

Old Hal

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