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Subject: Re: [OHBROWN] Miller Family of Brown County
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 19:27:33 -0500

My unt was Charles Bauer m Hauck's dau. Leontine.

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999 10:19:32 -0800 "Charles.R.Holmes" <>
>Seeking cousins who are related to the family of my 3rd great
>grandparents, Christian and Barbara (Baecker) Miller <Mller>. They
>emigrated from Schnau, Pfalz/Palatine, Bayern (Germany) in 1837/38.
>Records for Schnau show a Christian Miller exiting from there for
>America in 1838. Records do not, unfortunately, reflect any family
>members for males emigrating from there. If this is my 3rd GGF, then
>his wife Barbara and their known 7 children were among those that
>emigrated with him.
>The family settled near Arnheim in Franklin township, Brown county,
>Ohio. Christian, who was born about 1787 in the Alsace area of
>was 50 years old when they came over, while wife Barbara was around
>Their known children ranged in age from 4 to 24 years in age. They
>were: Frederick, b. abt 1913: Margaret <Margaretha>, b. abt 1814;
>Barbara, b. Nov 1819; Eleonore <aka Laura>, b. 2 Feb 1824; Elizabeth,
>18 Nov 1826; George Henry, b. 8 Oct 1829; and Charles <Carl> Ludwig,
>1 May 1833.
>The 1840 census of Brown county has a Christian Miller listed as Head
>Household and residing in Franklin township. The household included
>males and 4 females which presumably included:
>1 male 5/10: Charles <Carl> Ludwig, age 7
>1 male 10/15: George Henry, age 11
>1 male 15/20: ?<unknown>?
>2 males 30/40: Frederick, age 27
> ?<unknown>?
>0 males 50/60
>1 male 60/70: Christian, 57 <Father>
>1 female 5/10: ?<unknown>?
>1 female 10/15: Elizabeth, 14
>1 female 15/20: Laura, 16
>0 female 20/30
>1 female 40/50: Barbara, 47 <Mother>
>Any one have any idea of the 3 other members of the Miller
>In 1845, only 8 years after arriving in Ohio, Christian died, leaving
>Barbara a widow with 4 children then still at home, Frederick (32),
>Elizabeth (19), George Henry (16), and Charles L. (12). Shortly
>arriving on 17 Sep 1839, oldest daughter, Margaret (26), had married
>Wendell Gwinner. Next, daughter, Barbara (20) married on 24 Feb 1840
>Adam Bauer, son of Conrad Bauer. And then Eleonore <aka Laura>, then
>only 17, on 5 Aug 1841 married Henry Blattner. On 19 Sep 1849, the
>daughter at home, Elizabeth, then 23, married Charles <Carl>
>Blattner, brother of her sister Laura's husband.
>The 1850 census shows "Barbary" Miller, age 56, living on a farm in
>Franklin township with her two sons, Henry (21) and Charles (19),
>together with daughter Margaret Gwinner and her 3 children,
>(6), Barbara (2), and Martin (1). The whereabouts of Margaret's
>husband, Wendell, is unknown, at this date. Her oldest child,
>(10), was not mentioned and may have been (?) with her father. Son,
>Frederick Miller, died in 1847 and had never married according to
>During the next 10 years, oldest daughter Margaret Gwinner, husband
>family moved to a farm in Campbell county, Kentucky, near the town of
>Alexandria. Henry and Elora <Laura> Blattner had moved to this area
>around 1852 from Xenia, Ohio. Son George Henry Miller also
>moved to Alexandria area in 1852, where in Feb 1856, he married Julia
>Schwartz. In 1855, daughter Elizabeth Blattner and her husband and
>family moved from Xenia to Oskaloosa, Iowa. Children Barbara Miller
>Bauer and Charles Ludwig Miller remain in Brown county, Ohio.
>In the 1860 census, Barbara Miller (66) is found living with son
>and his family in Franklin township, Brown county, Ohio. Presumably,
>Charles had taken over the operation and ownership of original Miller
>family farm. Barbara died in 1863 and was buried next to her
>Christian, in the Arnheim <German> Lutheran Church cemetery.
>I have still have more research to do on the families of all the
>children. To date, I have compile a total of 335 descendants, 500 if
>you include spouses, for Christian and Barbara Miller. .
>1. Margaret Miller Gwinner , wife of Wendell, had 8 known children.
>She became a widow in the 1860's and lived beyond 1880. Unable to
>to locate a record of her death. She has 45 known descendants,
>including spouses with the surnames of Weinel and Trapp..
>2. Barbara Miller Bauer , wife of Adam, had 11 children. She died
>1876 in Brown county, Ohio, at the age of 56. Her husband Adam died
>1907 at the age of 77. She has 92 known descendants, including
>including the surnames Hauck, Friedel, Cooper, Kautz, Miller, Bohl,
>Prine, and Shatzman.
>3. Eleonore <Laura> Miller Blattner , wife of Henry, had 10
>of which 8 were living at the time of the 1900 census. She died 28
>1901 in Wyaconda, Missouri, at the age of nearly 77. She and Henry
>286 known descendants including spouses. Surnames include Whitehead,
>Blattner, Schroeder, Clough, Pechstein, Payne, and Horn, plus scores
>4. Elizabeth Miller Blattner , wife of Charles, had 6 children. She
>died 23 Aug 1895 at the age of 68 in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Her known
>descendants number 77, including spouses with surnames of Blattner,
>Tolbert, Doherty, Cavanaugh, and Landmussen. [Note: Because of the
>married of Louise Blattner to her first cousin Charles Blattner, the
>members of my family <Holmes> are counted in both Elizabeth's
>descendants as well as her sister, Laura.]
>5. George Henry Miller and his wife, Julia Ann Schwartz, had 11
>children, of which the names of 7 are known. Of these, only 6 were
>living at the time of the 1900 census. Henry, as he was known, died
>Oct 1912 at the age of 83 in Campbell county, Kentucky. His known
>descendants total 29, including spouses with surnames of Truesdell,
>Stones, and Bootes. Two sons, Henry and Charles, never married.
>6. Charles L. Miller and his wife Charlotte Neu had 5 children, of
>which 4 were living in 1900. Charles continued to reside in the
>Arnheim, Ohio, area until his death on 12 Jun 1914 at the age of 71.
>His known descendants number 26, with spouses with the surnames of
>Lindsay, Courts, Reinhardt, and Lewis.
>Submitted by Chuck Holmes in sunny San Diego.
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