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From: "Wallace Huskonen" <>
Subject: [OHCUYAHO] Finding cousins with Veromi.net--so much for privacy
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 17:55:38 -0400

I read about the People Search function available on Veromi.net for the
first time in a posting from the The Cohens on 24 Aug in response to a query
about the Starynchak family. As they pointed out, a search of this website
yields many Starynchaks who might be cousins of Barb who posted a query
about this family.

I did try Vermoi.net with my own surname, and all my family, plus several
known and possible cousins, popped up. A listing for my mother, who is
deceased, even appeared as a search result. I recognize many slight spelling
errors in given names and surnames, but the ages given seem to be correct.
So much for privacy!!

Apparently you can order public records from Veromi for any person named in
a search result for about $10 or a package of several people for a higher

Does anyone have experience with ordering records from Vermoi.net?

The posting from The Cohens recommended using the Vermoni.net search results
as starting points for looking up phone numbers on Internet phone
directories and using them to contact possible cousins.

Wally Huskonen, CG

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