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From: "Marcia Osterhues" <>
Subject: Christmas traditions and goetta
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 20:02:46 -0500

I'm from Xenia, but my mother's Hensons were from Cincinnati/Dayton,Ky. We all said ruff for roof, crick for creek, booshes for bushes. We had saurkraut and sausages, braunsweiger and crackers. But goetta I had never had until I married my husband. His grandfather came from Germany in 1929 as baker (his bread and schnackin were to die for). He ran a deli later in life and with my father-in-law made their own goetta. My father-in-law, though retired, still makes pans of goetta for all the kids, nieces and nephews for Christmas and Easter.

"Festival of Lights" at the zoo, and trips to Krohns Conservatory are favorites for us.

Marcia Luttrell Osterhues

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