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From: Leah Raney <>
Subject: Re: Gen. scam
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 10:49:30 -0500

Hancock listers:
Would someone please explain to this thickheaded Buckeye what was so awful
about the INFORMATION that Michelle posted? So awful that listers got on
her case? There was a similar situation recently on the Saskatchewan list
when an unhappy lister told all about not receiving what had been ordered.
The results were that the person from whom he had ordered the information
came up with it and apologized all around and the complainer got his
information and everyone got an explanation. Seems to me we should be
encouraging information, not discouraging it. - Leah in Texas
P. S. I'm also thick-skinned, so flame on if it will make you feel better.

Michelle Reed wrote:

> My apologies to any and everyone that I may have indirectly offended.
> It was not my intention to get personal flames by sending this message
> that if anyone would have read closely, was NOT written by me. I guess
> that's why I never post anything anyway. Too many bad vibes from
> people.
> I have learned from my mistake, and will NEVER post anything other than
> my personal quiries.
> I do appreciate that all responses were mailed directly to me and not to
> bother the other listers.
> Michelle

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