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Subject: Re: Whitefox Curch
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 11:10:46 EST

For Dianne Springer.

Hi Dianne,

I didn't find much on the Whitefox Church, but the little I did find

1. Thomas Burrows may have joined the Whitefox Church in his early years in
Clarksfield, then joined the East Clarksfield Methodist Episcopal Church in his
later years.

His obit mentions that he eventually located on the Butler Road in 1857 where
he lived until his death. Soon after becoming a resident of Clarksfield he
joined the Christian church (Whitefox church?) "where he remained a faithful
member until the organization disbanded when he found a home with the Methodist
church (East Clarksfield Methodist Episcopal church?) where he finished the
Christian's course........."

2. Butler Road, where Thomas Burrows lived, is associated with the "Whitefox"
area of Clarksfield, and with the Whitefox church.

Google turns up a Pioneer History of Clarksfield, pages 101-110, which states
in part: "Armon or Harmon Rusco... or another of the same name, settled near
the plum swamp on the west side of the Butler road south of Whitefox...He was
one of the first members of the Whitefox church at its organization in

3. Thomas Burrows was a trustee of the East Clarksfield Methodist Episcopal
in 1879.

On page 282 in the Chapter on Clarksfield in our History of the Fire Lands,
by W.W. Williams, 1879 we find that the East Clarksfield Methodist Episcopal
church was formed in 1837 or 1838. The meetings were first held in the houses of
Alexander Twaddle and others. Later, they were held in a log school house in
section two, lot one-- the same location of the present church which was
dedicated in June 1870. Mentioned as one of the current officers of this church
(presumably 1879, the date of Williams book) was Thomas Burrows, trustee.

4. The home of Thomas Burrows in section 1, lot 1 of Clarksfield, was just 1
7/8 miles due south of the East Clarksfield Methodist Episcopal church in
section 2, lot 1, of Clarksfield.

Our Atlas of 1873 for Huron County, Ohio shows the home and property owned by
Thomas Burrows as being section 1, lot 1 of Clarksfield, with a small black
square shown for the location of his house on this lot. He owned 50 acres at
this time. The location of the East Clarksfield Methodist Episcopal Church is
represented also as a small black square in section 2, lot 1 of property owned
by a William Converse.

The same locations are seen in our Atlas of 1891, except Thomas Burrows is
shown as owning an additional 10 acres in section 1, lot 2.


Ken Shute ().

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