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From: Lesley Shockey <>
Subject: Re: Boundaries of Ohio Valley
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 00:12:37 -0400

Hi Mary and all,

What about the many rivers that feed into the Ohio river? Each of these
rivers also have regions that go along with their names.
Kanawha Valley = Kanawha River enters the Ohio at Pt. Pleasant.
Little Kanawha enters the Ohio at Parkersburg.
Muskingum Valley = Muskingum River enters the Ohio at Marietta.
Scioto Valley = Scioto River enters the Ohio at Portsmouth.

When a county has two rivers passing through or along it's border, then it
uses the larger of the two bodies of water to determine which river valley
it is a part of.

Having lived within seven miles of the Ohio River for 54 years, the only
counties that I have heard referred to as the Ohio Valley are the counties
that border on the Ohio River. This is also the guidelines that the
National Weather Service and the local TV and radio stations use when
making reference to the Ohio Valley.


At 07:33 PM 10/20/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>Back during the ice age, when I went to school and they taught
>>geography, the area included in any river valley (i.e.Ohio) was all
>>lands of which the water run off flowed to that particular river.
>>Therefore areas such as Portage County would not be considered part of
>>the Ohio Valley.
>>Any teachers out there who can verify this information?
>I'm not a teacher, but having studied geology, I can verify that the
>river valley for a specific river includes all land with drainage flowing
>into that particular river.

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