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From: "FamilyOldPhotos.com" <>
Subject: [OHIO] New Ohio Old Photos....
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003 23:31:10 -0500

We've added new photos in the Ohio Old Photos section at familyoldphotos.com


Here's what's new:

>>From Rose Baran
Mable Stevens Daniels
Peter Daniels
Clellie Edith Daniels Sim

>>From Alix of Ft. Lauderdale
Bertha "Pat" Rodgers
Bertha "Pat" Rodgers
Coral Robbins

>>From Jil Loewit, Photo from the collection of Michael "Mickey" Kovsky
Sadye Friedman Loewit

>>From Jil Loewit
McCummins Siblings
Gearhart Family

>>From Jil Loewit, photo courtesy of Don Jesse Harclerode
Elizabeth "Betty" Jane Harclerode Hughson

>>From Roger Cuckler
Sidney Orville Cuckler and Jennie Victoria Nott

>>From William Huber
Truman Beard

>>From Art Holmes
Children of Hinton Monroe Dunnick and Sarah Catherine Brobst
Ruth Lurline Brobst Minute
David A. Brobst
Alice Almira Brobst and Emery Brobst
David Brobst and Cecelia "Cilica" Dove
Celia Jane Brobst and Irvin Brobst
Alzoa McIntyre Brobst
Valentine "Valandingham" Brobst

>>From Ellenor M. McClain
Jason L. Best
Jason L. Best second photo
Frank and Mary Mellisa Best Frye Family
Francis Cooksman Best and Clara McElroy
Francis Cooksman Best and Clara McElroy with Mildred and Martha
Beulah and Glenn Best and Elta Crawford with Earl and Marie Best
Christian B. Best
Mary Anna Snyder Best
Christian Raymund McClain
Mary Elva McClain
Elva Jane McClain
Elva Jane McClain second photo
Elva Jane McClain third photo
Mary Elva and Francis Lloyd McClain
Christian B. Best and Mary Anna Snyder
Charles Best
Francis Best
Courtney Best
Ella Best

>>From Paul Gilbert
Unknown Family
Unknown Woman

>>From Janet Reynolds
John Carr Sanders and Anna Belle Shane

>>From Jim Williams
Flora Schneider Williams

>>From James W. Simeon Jr
James W. Simeon Sr. and Ann B. Jalbonski
James W. Simeon Sr.

>>From Jil Loewit
Jack Brown and Daisy Brown Becker
Ruth Everlyn Brown Leeders
Rose Friedman Geiger Bachman and Sadye Friedman Loewit
Friedman Family
Harclerode Family
Eva Harclerode McCummins and Arvadia Harclerode Burbank with Mary Wyles Harclerode
Samuel Francis Harclerode
Mr. and Mrs. Stapleton and Children
Caleb Brown with sons Nathan Oliver and David E. Brown

>>From Art Holmes
Genevieve Mabel "Jenny" Brobst Henderson
Emmett Addis Brockway
Franklin C. Brobst
Irvin Brobst and Alzoa McIntyre Wedding Photo
Genevieve Mabel "Jenny" Brobst
Levi Benjamin Thrasher
Ruth Margaret Brobst
Sarah Catherine Brobst and Hinton Monroe Dunnick

>>From Richard Temple
Milo Augustus Loomis
Cornelia Sophia Hawley Loomis and Laura Louise Loomis
Eudora Loomis Rundell
Laura Louise Loomis Temple
Archibald Robert Temple
Milo Augustus Loomis and Robert Loomis Temple
Milo Loomis Home
Laura Louise Loomis Temple
Laura Louise Loomis Temple 1907
Dr. Almon Hawley Home
Dr. Almon Hawley Burial Vault

>>From Barbara Jane Swisher Carter
Hackley Reunion 1920s

That's it! Stop by and see us when you have a chance......


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