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Subject: [OHIO] Ohio Train Wrecks, Fires, Floods and other disasters online
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 00:53:25 -0500

New - Ohio Disasters added to the database at http://www.gendisasters.com
Events That Touched Our Ancestors Lives:

Ada, OH Train Collision In Snowstorm, Jan 1903
Alliance, OH Marchand's Opera House Collapse, Jun 1886
Amherst, OH Train Wreck, Mar 1916
Andover, OH Restaurant Explosion Kills 21, Aug 1955
Ashtabula, OH Train Wreck, Dec 1912
Athens, OH Flood, Mar 1907
Bainbridge, OH Train Wreck, Aug 1895
Bellaire, OH Train Wreck, Jul 1891
Bellaire, OH Train Wreck, Sept 1907
Belmont, OH Train Wreck, May 1915
Black Hand, OH train wreck, Mar 1890
Carey, OH Train Wreck, Jan 1912
Cincinnati, OH business block fire, Dec 1910
Cincinnati, OH Carriage Manufactory Fire, Apr 1879
Cincinnati, OH Chamber of Commerce Fire, Jan 1911
Cincinnati, OH Earthquake, Apr 1893
Cincinnati, OH Fatal Wagon Accident, Aug 1880
Cincinnati, OH Tornado Hits City, July 1915
Cincinnati, OH Train Wreck, Oct 1889
Cleveland, OH Central Viaduct Collapse, Jan 1888
Cleveland, OH Elevator Plunges, Nov 1885
Cleveland, OH Furniture Factory Fire, May 1910
Cleveland, OH Koch & Henke Store Collapse, Nov 1910
Cleveland, OH Train Wreck, Apr 1902
Cleveland, OH YMCA Fire, Jan 1903
Columbiana, OH Train Wreck, Mar 1884
Columbus OH Brunswick Bowling Company Fire, Feb 1909
Columbus, OH Fire In College Laboratory, Feb 1904
Columbus, OH State Capital Burns, Jan 1921
Dawn, OH Train Wreck, Jan 1910
Elyria, OH Business District Burns, Apr 1909
Gano, OH Train Wreck, Oct 1909
Glendale, OH fire, Aug 1880
Green Springs, OH Train Wreck, Jan 1891
Greenville, OH Area Tornado, Mar 1920
Hamilton, OH Train Wreck, Aug 1924
Hanging Rock, OH Store Fire, Dec 1893
Harpster, OH Train Wreck, Oct 1910
Hicksville, OH Train Wreck, Oct 1891
Isleta, OH Troop Train Disaster, Sep 1950
Kensington, OH Train Wreck, May 1910
Lakesville, OH Train Wreck, Mar 1890
Lebanon, OH Plow Factory Accident, Jan 1876
Lemoyne, OH Train Derailment, Sep 1910
Lima, OH courthouse fire, Jan 1929
Lindsey, OH Train Wreck, Aug 1893
Lorain, OH Tornado Devastation, June 1924
Massillon, OH Train Wreck, May 1895
Mauds, OH Train Wreck, Oct 1911
Mentor, OH Train Wreck, Jun 1905
Morrow, OH train wreck, Apr 1920
Newark, OH Crushed by Log, Aug 1880
Newark, OH Stove Company Destroyed By Fire, May 1909
Oxford, OH Girls Dormitory Fire, Jan 1908
Pleasant Valley, OH Train Wreck, Oct 1890
Portsmouth, OH Flood, Jan 1907
Portsmouth, OH Gilbert Wholesale Grocery Fire, Oct 1910
Proctorville, OH Fire Destroys City Hall, Apr 1927
Sand Bank, OH Train Wreck, May 1908
Sandusky, OH West's Hotel Balcony Collapse, Jun 1860
Sidney, OH Business Section Burns, Mar 1914
Steubenville, OH fire, Aug 1893
Talmadge, OH Train Wreck, Jan 1889
Tiffin, OH Train Wreck, Jan 1887
Toledo, OH Area Tornado, Mar 1920
Toledo, OH Hotel Devereaux Fire, Feb 1903
Toledo, OH Wholesale Grocery Store Fire, Oct 1908
Truro, OH Train Wreck, May 1907
Urbana, OH train accident, Aug 1880
Utica, OH Train Accident, Apr 1912
Washington Court House, OH Fire, Dec 1911
Washington Court House, OH Tornado, Jul 1915
Winton, OH Train Wreck, Jul 1883
Xenia, OH Terrible Tornado, Apr 1974

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