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From: "Wayne French" <>
Subject: Re: [OHLORAIN] Roll Call: SHEPARD and CARTER families of Oberlin
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 21:22:08 -0500


I'm afraid I can't help you on the decendants you are looking for, as my
research goes back two generations to the marriage of Jacob Shepard and
Grace Perry. Your line decended from Philemon Shepard and Betsey Barnes,
while mine decended from his sister Mindwell Shepard and Gideon Waugh who
settled in the Camden area of Lorain County. Why don't you e-mail me
directly at and we can exchange what information we
do have? I'm sure we can help each other fill in some blanks.

Wayne French
Decatur, Illinois
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From: Sally <>
To: <>
Date: Saturday, October 23, 1999 2:52 PM
Subject: Re: [OHLORAIN] Roll Call: SHEPARD and CARTER families of Oberlin

>Was happy to hear from you. Do you have any information on Lois Wellman
>Shepard? She was a sister to my great great grandmother Rebecca Parson
>Wellman. She is buried in Sanders Hill Cemetery in Henrietta. I have a
>photo of her tombstone. When we were there it was laying on the ground
>(don't know if was vandals or wear.
>Hope to hear from you again. Do you by any chance have any information on
>Lois's sister or a picture of Lois?
> At 02:23 PM 10/23/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>>You may not make a connection with whom you were corresponding with, but
>>have made another as I am a 1st Cousin, 4 times Removed of Elon Shepard.
>>See below and please respond back.
>>Wayne French,
>>Decatur, Illinois
>>RALPH2, ISAAC1) was born July 08, 1826 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts1, and
>>died 1871 in Osawatomie, Kansas1. He married (1) LOIS WELLMAN. He married
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>>From: Sally <>
>>To: <>
>>Date: Friday, October 22, 1999 10:44 PM
>>Subject: Re: [OHLORAIN] Roll Call: SHEPARD and CARTER families of Oberlin
>>>I have Elon Shepard married to Lois Wellman She died in 1850. She is
>>>buried in Henrieta (Sanders Hill Cemetery)
>>>Any connection?
>>>At 06:24 PM 10/22/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>>>>Hello! I'm seeking actual, official records for--as well
>>>>as any anecdotal additional information about--the SHEPARD
>>>>family of Oberlin, namely:
>>>>1. birth of Anna Maria SHEPARD (b. 31 July 1846 in Oberlin)
>>>>2. life and death of William Marinus SHEPARD [father of
>>>>#1 - above] I think he was "a tanner" (d. 10 Apr. 1850
>>>>in Oberlin)
>>>>3. life and death of Delia Ann SHEPARD [mother of #1 and
>>>>wife of #2 - above] (d. 26 Oct. 1885, in Highland Park,
>>>>4. marriage of Anna Maria SHEPARD (#1 - above) to William
>>>>Lafayette CARTER (m. 5 Sep. 1870 in Oberlin)
>>>>5. birth of Helen Emily CARTER (b. 2 Mar. 1875 in Oberlin)
>>>>[daughter of couple #4 - above)
>>>>William Marinus SHEPARD was born 3 Mar. 1804 in Greene Co,
>>>>New York. His wife, Delia Ann (nee Morse) SHEPARD was born
>>>>3 Mar. 1810 in Westerlo, New York. They moved to Oberlin,
>>>>Ohio, in 1843, after meeting the Reverend Charles Finney
>>>>in NYC.
>>>>On 31 July 1846, Anna Maria SHEPARD was born in Oberlin to
>>>>the above parents. She was wed to William LaFayette CARTER
>>>>in Oberlin, on 5 Sep. 1870. His family owned a hardware store.
>>>>Anna Maria SHEPARD died in Pasadena, CA in 1888.
>>>>I have an obituary of Delia Ann SHEPARD (6 Nov. 1885, Oberlin
>>>>Weekly News). I do not have an obituary or any records at all
>>>>of her husband, William Marinus Shepard, except that he died
>>>>"after a long a painful illness" (i.e., consumption). (That
>>>>info from "Mortality Schedule: Ohio, 1850," p. 201).
>>>>Delia Ann SHEPARD ran a stop on the Underground Railroad
>>>>at some point. The SHEPARD family was part of the congregation
>>>>of First Church. First Church keeps its archives at Oberlin
>>>>College--they told me they don't have baptismal or marriage
>>>>records tho!
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