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From: Chuck and Kay Williams <>
Subject: Daker Dartt Davis Davies Decker DeWolf Dodderer Dorst Douglas Dunbar Dunn Dutton Dye Edmundson Eiselstein Entsminger Evans
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 09:36:52 -0700

DAKER, John - Born December 13, 1843, native of Scotland, in this county
1882. He is son of Elijah and Rachel (Smith) Daker. John married in
Louisville, Ky N.E. Church to Alodia Martin, born in Kentucky Feb 16,
1844, daughter of Woodford and Nancy (Loins) Martin and had 8 children.
Lived Pomeroy, Ohio.

DARTT, W.H. - Born here March 9, 1840, son of J.B. and Margaret (Decker)
Dartt who came here in 1835. He married here March 9, 1840 to Martha
Tall born here Nov 5, 1848, daughter of John C. and Nancy (Decker) Tall,
who came here in 1845. They had 4 children. W.H. and brothers C.M. and
Justice and brother-in-law William A. Tall in Civil war. Lived Bashan,

DAVIS, Elias P. - Born Jefferson Co., Ohio March 12, 1814, son of John
and Mary (Peck) Davis, who came here in 1814. Elias married here Jan 14,
1836 Margaret Wood, born here October 5, 1818, daughter of Joshua and
Mary (Ogden) Wood. Margaret died July 26, 1879. Elias and Margaret had:
J.W. and S.P. They lived Vales Mills, Vinton Co., Ohio.

DAVIS, Erastus R. - Born Chenango Co., N.Y. September 1, 1815, son of
John and Betsy (Blakeley) Davis. John born Conn., Betsy in Vt.; here in
1818. Erastus married in Vinton, Ohio November 7, 1839 Phebe G. Brown,
born Athens Co., Ohio June 13, 1818, daughter of John and Polly (Scott)
Brown. They had: Olive, Eliza, Erastus Jr., Betsy, Minerva, John, Fanny
and Mary. Erastus R. Jr. in Civil war. They lived Wilkesville, Vinton Co

DAVIS, Jeremiah F. - Born Allegheny Co., Pa., February 7, 1823, son of
Stephen and Margaret (Hill) Davis who came here in 1837. Stephen born
January 19, 1776 and Margaret born May 3, 1785; were married Dec 26,
1805 and died in this county. Jeremiah married April 5, 1854, Elizabeth
J. Vanzant, born Gallia Co., Ohio, May 6, 1825, daughter of James and
Margaret (Guy) Vanzant. James born Rockingham Co Va March 29,1789
and Margaret born Augusta Co., Va. January 17, 1791; came here in 1806.
Jeremiah and Elizabeth had: George, James, Stephen, John, Margaret
and Hilah. Jeremiah's father died March 20, 1851 and his mother died
February 12, 1868. Jeremiah lived Salem Centre, Ohio. Robert M. Davis,
brother of Jeremiah, born Pa., April 31, 1827, married in Wilkesville,
Vinton Co., Ohio September 10, 1853 Isabel Strong born Vinton County
December 2, 1837, daughter of Elijah and Electa (Stowell) Strong who
were among first pioneer settlers. Robert and Isabel had: Orlando.
Willard, Cora, Livonia, Frank and Kirke. They lived
Hanesville, Meigs Co., Ohio. Samuel H. Davis, brother of Jeremiah born
Washington Co., Pa., April 3, 1820 married here June 9, 1850 Orilla M.
Murphy, born here December 7, 1827, daughter of Isaac and Scena
(Sylvester) Murphy. Scena born February 22, 1806 and Isaac born 1806.
Samuel and Orilla had 1 child, Flora. They lived Salem Centre, Ohio.
Orlando S. Davis son
of Robert and Isabel born here August 2, 1854, married Sept 9, 1875
Lydia Hill born here May 24, 1858, daughter of Aaron and Hannah (Chase)
Hill. Aaron Hill born Geauga Co., Ohio March 5, 1826, here age 10;
married Hannah Chase born here September 19, 1833. Aaron died here
Nov 6, 1871. Orlando and Lydia had: Robert, Flora and Race; lived
Hanesville, Meigs Twp Oh

DAVIS, William T. - Born Glen Commorganshire, S. Wales Oct 25, 1813
son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Williams) Davis. He married in S. Wales,
October 7, 1837 to Jane Howell, born Commorganshire, S. Wales, March 25,
1818, daughter of Joshua an Ann (Rees) Howell. To this county 1854. They
had: Joshua, Betsy, William, Ann, Mary, Hannah (lived Col.), Jane, Rees,
Veturia and Thomas. They lived Syracuse, Ohio.

DAVIES, Alban - Born December 1, 1832, native of Wales, son of Stephen
and Mary (Alban) Davies. Alban here 1849; married June 13, 1861 Almonia
A. Curtis, born here in 1842, daughter of Walter and Sarah (Gilmore)
Curtis. Had 3 children.

DECKER, Job D. - Born Harrison Co., Ohio 1830, son of Isaac and
Elizabeth Decker, here about 1837 and here died. Job married here March,
1851 to Susan E. Shrives born Jefferson Co., Ohio 1810. Susan married
1st John Rose August 28, 1833 and he died 1850 leaving 8 children.
The son Amos Rose died of Civil war injuries. Job and Susan had Andrew
and David Decker. Susan died March 6, 1879. Job in Civil war.
Lived Bashan, Ohio.

DeWOLF, Daniel - Born Luzerne Co., Pa., July 31, 1816, son of Clement
and Nancy (Kasson) DeWolf who came to this county in 1824. Daniel
here April 30, 1842 to Eliza Roys, born Washington Co., Ohio March 24,
1822, daughter of Elihu Stephens Meigs Roys and wife Sardis (
Bridgman) Roys. They
had: Clement, Hannah, John, Dor, Ethan Allen (lived Neb.), Vienna,
William, Daniel, Viola and Ida. Daniel a river boat pilot.

DODDERER, M.M. - Born Almond, Allegheny Co., N.Y. April 12, 1812, son of
Philip and Mary (Murlin) Dodderer, to this county 1817 (then part of
Athens Co stopping one year in Washington Co Ohio Philip born in
Lancaster Co Pa June 25, 1868 died here March 16, 1839 and wife Mary
born Northumberland Co Pa November 2, 1868 died January 1839. M. M.
married Elizabeth Shields, born Venango Co Pa September 2, 1812,
daughter of James and Jane (Martin) Shields, who came here about 1816.
They had 2 sons, 1 died young. M.M. was justice of the peace and tax
assessor Lived Tuppers Plains.

DORST, Jacob - Born near Strasburg, Germany May 4, 1836, son of Henry
(born 1811) and Margaret (Well) Dorst, to this county 1837. Margaret
born 1813.
Jacob married November 20, 1858 to Lovisa Hoyt, born here July 13, 1836,
daughter of Cyrill and Eliza (Rice) Hoyt. Cyrill a native of N.H. Cyrill
Jr. in Civil war, also Henry Dorst Jr. Jacob and Lovisa had 2 children.

DOUGLAS, Henry M. - Born here February 1, 1839, son of Elijah (born
Athens Co., Ohio) and Mary F. (Hamilton) Douglas
(Mary to this county 1827). The parents of Elijah were among first
settlers here. They were John and Nellie
(Shepherd) Douglas. Henry W. married here September 29, 1864 Sarah A.
McCullough, born Boston, Mass., July 7, 1844, daughter of John and Mary
McCullough, natives of Ireland. Henry and Sarah had 3 children. Henry
and brother Darius in Civil war. Henry & Sarah lived Downington, Ohio.

DUNBAR, Joseph H. - Born here May 17, 1853, son of Hugh R. and Mary E.
(Acker) Dunbar, who were here in 1843. Hugh born in Canada September 6,
1805 and Mary born Wheeling, W.Va. in 1821. Joseph H. married here
Dec 16, 1875 Rozilla Hugg born here September 22, 1855, d/o of John and
Jane (Dains) Hugg. John Hugg born July 15, 1815, died September 6, 1871
and Jane born March 8, 1817; here in 1847. Joseph and Rozilla have
daughter Mary and lived Dexter, Meigs Co., Ohio.

DUNN, Arthur Marion - Born Noble Co., Ohio, son of Arthur and Sebina
(Mitchell) Dunn, on Oct. 8, 1845. Arthur M. married in Noble County,
June 2, 1871 to Isabella Fowler, born Noble County June 18, 1849, d/o
Hilea and Rebecca (Hunt) Fowler and had 3 children. Lived Rutland, Ohio.

DUTTON, C.S. - Born Hockingsport, Athens co., Ohio in 1823, son of
Kingsman and Nancy (Paulk) Dutton. He married at Bethel, Athens, Co.,
Ohio October 17, 1850 Martha A. Waterman, born Bethel, Ohio
January 8, 1832, daughter of
David and Maria (Eckert) Waterman. Her grandfather, Dr. Waterman,
surgeon in Rev. War and his wife, daughter of Josiah Bartlett,
one of signers of D. Of Independence. Her grandfather Jacob Eckert,
officer in Napoleons army,
emigrated early to America and settled in Athens Co., Ohio. C.S. and
Martha had: Maria, Ida, David, Estella and Maud. Lived Olive Twp.

DYE, William H. - Born here in 1840, son of Martin and Margaret
Dye, both born in Va., and here in 1819. William H. married in 1868
Elizabeth J. Welsh born 1844 in Athens Co., Ohio, daughter of Rev.
Thomas A. and Jane (Greenlee) Welsh, who died 1875. Their 4 children
early. He married 2nd Martha Welsh, sister of Elizabeth, born this
county 1853. William in Civil war. Lived Harrisonville, Ohio.

EDMUNDSON, Franklin Born Columbiana Co., Ohio February 7, 1818, son of
John and Anne (Marsh) Edmundson. He came here in 1834; married April 13,
1837, Mary Marshall, born Columbiana Co., Ohio April 22, 1817, daughter
of Moses and Mary (Adams) Marshall. They lived Alberta, Meigs Co., Ohio.
Hiram Edmundson, brother of Franklin, born Columbiana Co., Ohio August
1820. He married 1st Eliza Marshall. They had: Alwilda, Mary (lived
Theodore, Elma, Julia (lived Neb.), and Eliza. Franklin married 2nd in
Gallia Co., Ohio August 4, 1859, Sarah F. McMullen, born Gallia co.,
Ohio Sept 12, 1827, daughter of Joseph and Jane (Guy) McMullin, and had:
Jessie, Anna and Mark. They lived Rowlesville, Gallia county, Ohio but
lived first in Salem Twp., Meigs County. Son Theodore killed in Civil

EISELSTEIN, George Born Bavaria, Germany January 13, 1833, son of John
and Catherine Eiselstein, who came here in 1840. George married Sophie
Ihle, born here November 27, 1841, daughter of Abraham and Anna Maria
Ihle, who came here in 1837. George and Sophia had: Theodore, Anna,
Augusta and Edith. George had brother Valentine in Civil war.
They lived Pomeroy, Ohio.

ENTSMINGER, Nathan Born here October 10, 1836, son of David and
Elizabeth (Gross) Entsminger. David born November 7, 1792, died Oct 24,
1858 and Elizabeth born October 16, 1800, died May 22, 1880.
David was son of John Entsminger, one of first settlers of Gallia Co.,
Ohio, and a noted Indian fighter.
Nathan married September 13, 1866, Mary Newman, born Venango Co.,
Pa., January 21, 1847, daughter of John and Ann (Bunton) Newman, here in
1856. Nathan had brother Asher in Civil war. Nathan and Mary had:
Alfred, Leona, Lewis, Charles, Downie, Gertie and Annie. Lived

EVANS, James M. Born Strafford, Orange Co., Vermont, Sept 23,
1817, one of 12 children. His forefathers on his paternal side came from
Wales about 1670 and settled in Maine and Dover, N.H.; on the maternal
side, the Goodwin family came from England about the same time and
settled in N.H. (at place later called Epsom). Descendants of both
families in Rev. War. James when age 16 went with older
brother to Chautauqua, N.Y. where he taught school and went to school.
He went to Elyria, Ohio about 1836 and studied law and to this county
1847. He married March 1, 1849 Sarah G. Blackstone of Chester, Ohio
The Blackstone family settled early in Maryland, and Sarah's father came
to Ohio.
Her maternal grandfather, Major John White, at close of Rev. War came
to Marietta, Ohio and here married Priscilla Devoll and here daughter
Sophia was born who became wife of Mr. E. Blackstone, the parents
of Sarah. James and Sarah Evans had: Mary, Ellie, George and Pearl.
Lived Middleport, Ohio.

EVANS, Evan Born Jackson Co., Ohio March 3, 1843 son of John and Sarah
(Evans) Evans here about 1843. Evan married in Jackson Co., Ohio
Feb 16, 1866 Elizabeth Morgan born Jackson Co., Ohio Dec 24, 1838,
daughter of Thomas S. and Margaret (Lewis) Morgan, who settled in
Jackson County 1838. Evan and Elizabeth had: Margaret, Mary, Sarah and
Jessie. Lived Syracuse, Meigs Co., Ohio.

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