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Subject: Re: [OHMEIGS] Chases - Rutland Twp - 1817
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 11:53:51 -0700 (PDT)
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There were at least two large houses along the New Lima Road that were
built by Abel Chase, Jr.

Coming from Rutland, the first one was located where Leading Creek crosses
the road. When the road was improved (years and years ago) the road was
raised up above the position of the house. It was torn down in the 1980.

This house was built by Abel Jr for his wife, Esther Noble (daughter of
Shubael Noble and Elizabeth Post - early settlers) and remained in the
ownership of Chase descendants until it was sold in the 1980's. Thinking
about it, I believe this house was primarily wood, but with brick ends for
the fireplaces.

I was in Meigs County earlier this month. I attended a musical program at
the Harrisonville Presbyterian Church (another gg-grandfather, TA Welsh,
was the founding minister.) That evening, I spoke with a gentleman,
Birchfield. He informed me that a couple of years ago, the Meigs County
Soil and Water Conservation League (I may have the exact name wrong) had
purchased what was once the old Chase farm. (BTW - his family owns the
funeral home in Rutland, that was once owned by Clarence Chase - brother
of my g-grandmother, "Blanche" Chase McCormick.)

My great-grandmother, Clara "Blanche" Chase was born and raised there
along with two brothers, Truman Judd and Clarence.) There parents were
Oscar Chase (Abel and Esther's youngest son - they had 5) and Lutilla Case
(daughter of Giles S. Case and Clarissa McAboy).

The house was one of the first in Meigs County to have gas lamps and gas
stoves for heating and cooking . I believe gas was installed in the house
in the mid-late 1870's. At one time there was a canning factory along the
creek. Locals would bring produce to be "put-up" in the gas fueled
factory. I believe it was run by Oscar Chase - probably in the late
1800's, early 1900's.

In the 1950's, my father and uncle raise Christmas trees on part of the
property (the house and some of the land was rented out). Many of the
trees were left to help in the reclaimation of the land after the strip
mining of the 1940's. Though many of the trees were destroyed in a fire
10+ years ago, you can still see some of the 50+ year old pines/spruces
back on the hills.

I don't remember ever being inside the house, as it was rented out when
ever I was there. Time, dampness, and neglect took it's toll, and it was
torn down more than 20 years ago.

I do have a picture of the house, taken prior to 1950. In 1950, Charles H.
Harris did a newspaper article on the house and the Chase family and a
picture was included. (There are numerous errors in the article.)

The 2nd house (and probably the one to which you are referring) was also
built by Abel, for his brother, Hiram and his wife, Edna Skinner. It is
located on the corner of the New Lima Road and Smith Road. I remember my
family refering to it as "the Titus Farm" and that they kept peacocks in
the yard (circa 1960).

One more tidbit, while in Meigs, my cousin and I spent some time at the
Chester Court House. She came across a book published by the Meigs County
Historical Society on slavery in Ohio - I believe it is out of print now.
There was mention of a large, white house located on the corner of RT 143
and RT 692 that was part of the Underground Railroad and was owned by the
"Welsh family". This was a new find for us. We were aware that the family
had owned the house, but not about the connection. Another cousin
remembers having a friend that livind in the house and that they would
play on the back staircase and hide under the stairs.

Later that week, I spoke with my uncle. He was unaware of the Welsh
connection to the Underground RR, but did mention that the Chase farm was
a common stop for food. He remembered stories of the escaping slaves being
provided with food and water as they moved northward.

Hope this answers your question.... sorry if I got carried away.


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> In a message dated 8/26/2006 10:44:39 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
> Abel Chase, Jr was the mason that contracted to build the original
> county
> court house in Chester.
> Hi Sue,
> Do you know if Abel Chase was the one who lived and/or built the large
> brickhouse on Lima Road between Harrisonville and Rutland? I have in my
> notes
> Pauline Holiday Atkins told me that the house originally belonged to the
> Chase
> family.
> Just checking to be sure I have my p's and q's right. Connie
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