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From: "Desmond A Redmon" <>
Subject: RE:Protected Home Circle
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 14:11:32 -0400

Jerry and Noreen,
I asked my father after not being able to find useful information on the internet. Protected Home Circle (PHC) was or is(?) a fraternal insurance group as Jerry said.
There were a number of these groups around for along time, but most were founded before the inception of the social security administration. What they were was when a group of people who payed into a pool to help out any of their members who had a emergency or death. Before social security your family was your only safty net if something happended to your husband. So these groups formed, mainly in a given city or county, out of people with moderate income and usualy by invitation only. They typicaly covered deaths, maimings and sometimes fire / flood. There are still a number of these groups around but many have died off with the advent of social security and the boom in insurance companys.
Side note: These groups typicaly served non-catholic familys since the catholic church tended to have large enough quantitys of cash on hand to help familys themselves.
Sorry the information is so incomplete, but hope it helps some.
Desmond A Redmon

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