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Subject: PIONEERS: Wetzel, William, Perkins, Tomlinson, Hupp, Baker, King, Cresap, &c
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 16:24:13 EST

From: Betti Elaine (King) Auerbach
Betti Elaine King, d/o Brison Hemphill King, s/o Albert Wetzel King.
Descendant of Meshach King, through John William King and Rebecca Perkins
(d/o Reuben Perkins of Belmont Co, OH), through Samuel King and Elizabeth Snyder,
(d/o Samuel Snyder of Monroe-Noble Co) through Albert Wetzel King and Mary
Evangeline Anderson (d/o William Bryson Anderson [s/o Andrew Anderson and
Priscilla Bryson (Hemphill), d/o John Bryson and Priscilla
LeFevre/Lefebre/Lefever/etal of Dunfort, Dutch Fork of Buffalo Creek, Donegal Twp, Washington Co, PA]
and Augusta Curtis, d/o John Bennett Curtis [s/o Eli Curtis and Elizabeth
"Betsy" Bennett], and Barbara Wise.

1. I do want everyone on the OHMONROE-L , OHNOBLE-L, OHBELMONT-L,
whose county borders the Ohio River to know that I am deeply interested in all the
collateral lines branching from the above.
2. I am also deeply interested in early county histories and the pioneers'
lives and would like info from any researchers.
3. I am working on a thesis that there was a close friendship and/or
association between particular family groups that reach back to early VA and MD; that
families of Col. Thomas Cresap and his sons, the Wetzels, Isaac Williams, the
Perkins, the Tomlinsons, the Hupps, Bakers, Jacksons, Archers, Enochs,
Morrises, Farleys, the Kings, Wells, Ankroms, Ducketts, George Croghan, James
Caldwell, Archibald Woods, the Teagardens, the VanMeters, (and others) and others
interfaced through the 18th and/or 19th centuries, and even into the early 20th
century, as they moved further "West." A key to this is the early trading
operations and "intermarrriage" and/or fraternation with the Indians and the
speculation in frontier lands--often granted by these same "friendly" Indians
[Cresap, Croghan, Teagarden].
Some key "places" of very early settlement patterns and/or "choke-points"
were are (a) Havre de Grace, Spesutia Island, New Castle--Col. Thomas Cresap,
James Caldwell, (b) Frederick, MD, and Hagerstown, MD (c) Clear Creek,
Winchester, and the Shenandoah Valley--Zanes, Hupps, Williams, Wetzels, Tomlinsons,
Stephens, Boggs (d) Wills Creek and the Potomoc--Ft. Cumberland--Cresap, Croghan,
Geo. Washington and VA Ohio Co, and the marking out of "Braddock's Road" by
Cresap and Chief Nemacolin to mouth of Redstone Creek on the Mononghalia, (e)
the building of Redstone Old Fort, Tenmile Creek Country settlers and
forts--Fort Ankrom, Fort Jackson, Rice's Fort--and of course, Ft. Pitt, Ft. Henry at
Wheeling, the Frontier Rangers (Indian "Spies"), (f) the offer of land to
southwestern PA-northeastern VA single men to protect the Marietta settlement at
the mouth of the Muskingum, the path of entry into the forks of Duck Creek--note
Isaac Williams and Rebecca (Tomlinson) Williams were located on the WV side
of the Ohio River and provided corn for Marietta when their crop failed. (g)
Also note "locals" that joined the primarily New Englanders of the early
Marietta settlement. (h) Also note that the Kings were born in Ohio/Wood Co, which
could have been near Isaac Williams; the Kings are associated also with Grave
Creek (Baker, Cresap-Tomlinson "tomahawked" lands). (i) And don't forget
that the early PA/VA militia were sent across the Ohio River on expeditions
against the Indians, and in that process--usually up Captina Creek to Will's Creek
and beyond--they were busy scouting out the best land for later settlement, as
did the Perkins.

For any of the Mesach and Shadrack King researchers, I believe our research
should lead backwards over the Braddock Road, through Frederick, MD, and then
to the upper Chesapeake Bay area and Delaware River. Some reseachers claim
that "King" is also a derivation of "Koenig." It could be that out Kings were
part of the Swedish settlement of the 1650's that preceeded the Dutch, who
preceeded William Penn's proprietory grant. It is certainly something to think
about. I also think that there was a "Meshah" King (or something like that
spelling), who preceeded out Meshach King. I once was viewing the Ancestry.com (?)
images of the MD census of 1790? And by going through all the images, I
discovered this name. Unfortunately, it cannot be retrieved by a "search" of the
name, because of the distorted spelling. I printed and copy and made a paper
file, but now I cannot find it to verify my statement and share it with you.
I mention this only to add one more line of research for anyone interested.

As another note, there were John King and other Kings in the Shenandoah
Valley and/or the Northern Neck of Virginia. See Chaulkley's, "Scotch-Irish...."
on internet. This could also lead to our King antecedants.

To any reader out there, I would love responses and any additional clues to
all our pioneer families.

And now back to my orginal question. Who married "Rachel King" and which
one? Furthermore, who married the King girls?
Betti Elaine (King) Auerbach
Orange Co, California

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