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From: "Richard H. Brown & Cassie Langley Brown" <>
Subject: [OHOTTAWA-L] Descendants of Wilhelm SAUER
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 12:23:31 -0800

I am trying to fill the gaps in my family tree, so I'm looking for ANY
descendants of Wilhelm SAUER (1822-1899) of Germany and Ottawa Co., OH.
Some of desc. are listed below---I don't have additional information
except for the families of Bertha and Ida SAUER, who both married John
DENO (Ida married John after her sister Bertha's death and raised her
children, really her nieces/nephews, as her own).

Wilhelm SAUER (1822-1899) & Wilhelmina KERSTEN (d. Germany)
Children: Augusta, Ernestine, Harmon, Bertha, Ida

1) Augusta SAUER md. August KLINGBEIL in 1879, Ottawa Co., OH;
children: Hugo, Lillian, Bertha, Edith, Anna, Louisa, Amelia

1a) Hugo KLINGBEIL md. Bertha PALMER
1b) Lillian KLINGBEIL md. Fred LENTZ; children: Arlene (md. George
HICKS), Kathryn (md. Willis MICHELSON), Anna (md. Jack WINTERS)
1c) Bertha KLINGBEIL md. Albert SABIN; children: Lloyd, Leona (md.
SCHUSTER), Edgar, Oscar, Wilbur
1d) Edith KLINGBEIL md. William HILLE; children: Wilma (md. LONG),
Arnold, Earl
1e) Anna KLINGBEIL md. Ferdinand WENDT; children: Charlotte (md.
Clarence GRODI)
1f) Louisa KLINGBEIL md. Frank WEIS; children: Gertrude md. Ted HAAR
1g) Amelia KLINGBEIL md. 1) Henry FISHER,; children: Madlyn (md.
ENGWERT), Francis (md. Arnold FURSTNAU), Lois (md. Tillman LANGFORD),
Carolyn; md. 2) George FISHER

2) Ernestine SAUER md. Ferdinand YOUSTER; children: Gustav, Freddie,
Lillian, Esther, Edward, William, Edith, Edna, Elizabeth, Elsie, Elma,

2a) Gustav YOUSTER
2b) Freddie YOUSTER
2c) Lillian YOUSTER md. Frank VOLSCHAW
2d) Esther YOUSTER md. Reuben SIEVERT
2e) Edward YOUSTER md. 1) Mabel WAGONER; 2) Lizzie LEHMAN
2f) William YOUSTER md. 1) Anna WILLIAMS; 2) Barbara PRIESMAN
2g) Edith YOUSTER md. Rolled SHERK
2h) Edna YOUSTER md. Henry SHAFFER
2i) Elizabeth YOUSTER md. Chester FOUST
2j) Elsie YOUSTER md. Edward HILLE
2k) Elma YOUSTER md. Ernie HILLE
2l) Notte YOUSTER md. Emerson MARSH

3) Herman (Harmon) SAUER (1861-1937) md. Margaret RATHELDER, 1887,
Ottawa Co., OH; children: Rudolph, Stella, Leonard, Richard, Emma,
Helen, Waldemar

3a) Rudolph SAUER (1888-1965) md. Minnie KUHLMAN; children: Margaret
(md. SIEVING), Melva (md. LOHR), Calvin
3b) Stella SAUER
3c) Leonard SAUER
3d) Richard SAUER
3e) Emma SAUER md. William BLAUSY
3f) Helen SAUER (1890-1907)
3g) Waldemar SAUER

4) Amelia SAUER md. William THOM; children: Henry, Otto, William,
Lillian, Elizabeth, Fred, Anna, Hattie, Max, Edward, Emil

4a) Henry THOM md. Ida GRIESE
4b) Otto THOM md. Martha BEYERSDORFF
4c) William THOM md. Elsie BUDZINE
4d) Lillian THOM md. Frank SANDOW
4e) Elizabeth THOM md. Ferdinand STREUER
4f) Fred THOM md. Anna HOWLEY
4g) Anna THOM md. Earl Schafer JENSEN
4h) Hattie THOM md. Charles STENGEL
4i) Max THOM md. Ella SCHULTZ
4j) Edward THOM md. Eva GRIFFIN
5j) Emil THOM md. Emelie SHOEN

5) Bertha Ottelie Juliana SAUER (1860-1893)

5a) Anna Emma Louise SAUER DENO (1882-1964), born Germany, baptized
Ottawa Co., OH; adopted by John DENO; md. Albert Thomas DURDEL, 1901,
Ottawa Co., OH. Children: Elmer (md. Pearl NUPPENAU), Clarence (md.
Viola NEUHASEL), Loretta (md. Arthur HOEDT), Helga (md. Leslie HEDGLIN),
Lawrence (md. Winifred COPENHAVER), Roland (md. 1 Delta BURKETT, 2
Virginia COONROD), Leona (md. Herman ECK), Alvin (md. Bernice PETERSON),
Elsie (md. Howard FLECKNER), Viola (md. William LANGLEY)

Bertha Ottelie Juliana SAUER (1860-1893) md. John Julius Lewis DENO
(1856-1939), 1886, Ottawa Co., OH; Children: Anna (above), Emma, Amelia,
Martha, Emil, Wilhelm

5b) Emma DENO md. Roy McNEIL
5c) Amelia DENO md. Louis GROWEG
5d) Martha DENO md. John TRUMAN
5e) Emil DENO md. Beatrice HAAR
5f) Wilhelm DENO

6) Ida Marie SAUER (1870-1936) md. John Julius Lewis DENO (1856-1939),
1893, Ottawa Co., OH; children: Edward, Theodore, Alma, Frieda,
Arthur, Edna

6a) Edward DENO md. Nora BUCK
6b) Theodore DENO md. Frieda KOPP
6c) Alma DENO md. Leonard SCHAAF
6d) Frieda DENO md. Elmer KROEGER
6e) Arthur DENO md. 1) Evelyn OVERMYER 2) Lucile HESEMAN
6f) Edna DENO md. Benjamin MAGSIG

If anyone is a descendant of one of these families and would like to
exchange info, please let me know. I have lots on Bertha SAUER and Ida
SAUER's descendants.

My line: Wilhelm SAUER & Wilhelmina KERSTEN>Bertha SAUER & John DENO
(step)>Anna SAUER DENO & Albert DURDEL>Viola DURDEL & William
LANGLEY>Michael LANGLEY & Rhonda QUILLMAN>myself & Richard BROWN



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