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Subject: Re: [OHROOTS] MOORE in Ohio
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 15:18:44 -0000

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Author: ShawneeMary7thgen
Surnames: Secondine-Sagundai-or Secondeye (a Delaware & Shawnee name) & MOORE
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Greetings Samuel,

Perhaps I can assist you in your search for your Moore branch, & yes, there are Moores in Trumbull Co., Ohio, some were/are in W. Farmington, Ohio. I know Delmar Moore & his sister Colleen Moore/m. David Rynnolds, they were older than me. Their mother Josie was an Amato, who married a Moore, divorced & then married to a Gause. I saw her visiting her brother & sister in law on First Street, over the Holidays. Small world, huh? My condolences to you & your family in the loss of your Aunt Betty.
The name Secondine- Sagundai- Secondeye is Deleware & Shawnee name according to "Indian Blood" by Richard Pangburn.
A white boy found by a Delaware war party was adopted by James Secondine. The boy grew up Delaware & took on the name Thomas Secondine. He later grew up & married Jane Hill, the part Delaware daughter of the white/Delaware free hunter Tom Hill (who had also been adopted as a child).
The first Secondine was a son of Chief William Anderson, & mentioned as such in a letter of the old chief shortly before his death. Along with James Swannuck, Crane, Big Nichols, & others, James Secondine became famous as a free Delaware hunter, roaming the west & occasionally hiring out for scout duty with Capt. James Fremont & others of note. James secondine became affiliated with the Texas Delawares along with John Shaw, Jack Harry, & James Connors. About 1811, James secondine married Nancy washington Hill, a Wyandot. She had previously been married to Tom Hill & already had a child, named Sally Hill.
James Secondine & the other Texas Delawares served with Sam Huston in Texas. Later, Secondine saved the life of Kit Carson by jumping off his horse & striking down a Klamath man who was about to assinate Kit Carson....

(my current dentist in Trumbull Co.--Warren, Ohio --Dr.___ -___ - Christopher Carson is a descendant of "Kit Carson", I printed out his genealogy info for him yesterday at his office... forgive my digression.)

....The children of James Secondine included:
1. Filmore Secondine who married Rachel LOGAN, a daughter of Nancy CONNOR, wife of John CONNER.
(Now this is sounding like an episode of the "Terminator" movie LOL- where`s Arnie?-oh yeah, Calif. fires...& preparing for the big Quake in Calif....)
Their children included Wilson, Rosa, Isaac, & Anna Secondine. Later, Filmore Secondine also had two children by Betsy Jackson. He later married a Shawnee woman, Lucy dick, by whom he had four more children. Still later, he married Jane Partridge and had Filmore Secondine & Esther Secondine who married a MOORE, & then a Sims & had eight children. Small wonder that the secondine had so many descendants around.

2.Thomas Secondine (adopted by Delaware) who married Jane Hill, daughter of the adopted Delaware scout Thomas Hill. Thomas & Jane Secondine`s children included Anna, Lizzy, Joseph, Anderson W., Lilly, Silas, Lucinda, Katie, & jacob. Thomas secondine then married Malinda Harvey & had two more children by her. Lizzy married into the Marshall, James, Longtail,& dillon families & had several offspring.

3.Mary C. Secondine, born 1847, in Kansas,married Charles Armstrong by whom he had Solomon F. Armstrong. She then married Thompson Smith & had two children. She later married Stephen Bezion (1858-1907), an educated man who played a major role in Delaware affairs after they joined the Cherokee Nation. Solomon F. Armstrong became a renowned cowboy when he was 19, married a white girl named Minnie May & their children included Myrtle R. Armstrong who married Mattox and Ruby D. Armstrong who married Reuben Sarcoxie.
4. John secondine (b.1850) who married Mary Jane Martin; then he married Julia Ann Ketchum; then he married a Shawnee girl, Emma Perry. He had Nancy, Laura,& Susanna by his first wife; & by Emma, his Shawnee wife, he had Victoria, Tecumpsi, Delaware, Anna E. Clarence, & John.
5. Matilda Secondine who married Jefferson Zane (1844-1912). Their children included Mary, Willie, Arizona, Maggie, Mina D., Ethel, & Minbnie Zane.
6. Simon Secondine who married Ruth Lyons. --(for a more elaborate account of this family see Cranor).
Among the Delawares living in the Cooweescoowee District & appearing on the 1880 Cherokee Census were Tom age(40), Jane(36), Lizzie(15), Joseph(12), Anderson(10), Jacob(4), Silas(3), Lucinda(2), Simon(25), Polly(16), Jane(24), Rosie(11), Isaac(6), Anna(3), Rosie(3), Charlie(7 mos.),& Alvin Secondine(38). See JAIFR, vol. X, #3, pg.17-18.
Eva Secondine, a Shawnee, is mentioned in Shawnee!, a book on tribal customs & ceremonials. See Howard, pp. 160, 254, 293-294.
I hope that this info will be very useful for those looking for their tribal connections.

Sincerely, ShawneeMary

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