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Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 21:14:38 EST

Since there is so many working on the Hawk line, I thought I would share some
Hawk information sent to me about 30 years ago by Mrs. Kent Davis. She is
the lady who printed the 1860 Monroe Co., OH census also.

Samuel Hawk and Jane Craig md February 1, 1827
Jacob S. Hawk and Mary Lappin md March 2, 1854
Horace N. Hubbard and Mary V. Hawk md September 14, 1856
William C. Hawk and Nancy C. (I) Huhn md June 29, 1859
John S. Ross and Sarrah J. Hawk md January 10, 1861
Washington S. Hull md Phoebe Hawk December 29, 1861
John Yarnall md Rebecca M. Hawk April 23, 1865
Reuben F. Hawk md Sarrah Rodgers September 2, 1865

William C. Hawk died February 28, 1862 at age 29
James J. Hawk died December 26, 1864 at age 5
Sarrah J. Ross died April 11, 1873 at age 39
Caleb Hawk died January 22, 1881 at age 44
Samuel Hawk died July 10, 1881 at age 83
Jane Hawk died May 9, 1883 at age 82
Rubin Hawk died November 23, 1887 at age 46
Jacob S. Hawk died May 20, 1891 at age 63

John Hawk born November 21, 1787
Rebecca Hawk born April 5, 1789
Isaac Hawk born December 26, 1790
Abraham Hawk born October 16, 1792
Jacob Hawk born October 21, 1794
William Hawk born May 21, 1796
Samuel Hawk born May 21, 1796
Rubin Hawk born March 23, 1798
Christina Hawk born January 17, 1800
Henry Hawk born September 26, 1801
Sarrah Hawk born May 3, 1803
James Hawk born November 4, 1804
Nancy Hawk born October 26, 1806
Ely Hawk born September 25, 1806 (she wrote may be 1808)
David Hawk born April 11, 1811
Samuel Hawk born March 23, 1879
Jane Hawk born March 28, 1801
Jacob S. Hawk born January 13, 1828
Phebe A. Hawk born October 23, 1830
William C. Hawk born January 13, 1833
Sarra J. Hawk born November 18, 1834 (ROSS)
Caleb Hawk born November 21, 1836
Rubin F. Hawk born December 7, 1841
Mary V. Hawk born January 17, 1839
Rebecca M. Hawk born March 1, 1845

This list I can't make out the name as not familiar with it but perhaps
someone can help me.

Coullius Confectis(?) & Alice Ross married January 14, 1883
Chris C. Conf.... born March 15, 1886
Henry H. Conf.... born November 25, 1881, and died June 26, 1890
Reva Edna Conf.... born March 15, 1886
Theresa Ada Conf.... born August 14, 1891
William M. Conf..... born March 31, 1894
Minnie M. Conf.....born December 11, 1899

"May be some mistakes but is near."

If anyone knows of any of these dates to be wrong and can clear up the last
bunch, please let the list and me know. Hope this helps someone. Jerilyn

Jerilyn Lappin Koskan
Cook Co., Illinois

FTM user

BREWER-Daniel Belmont, OH, Northumberland, Indiana and Jefferson, PA
DAVIS/DAVIDSON-Marium/Mary b1803 Bucks, PA Mother Rachel Greene
DUSATKO-Barbara, Anton late 1800s Butler, NE
DYE-William, David, Daniel in Monroe, OH early 1800s.
FISHER-Joseph, b abt 1805 OH, last Morgan, OH 1850. Wife Judith Lappin.
Children John, Knight, Elizabeth, Thomas, Hannah, Mary, Rachel, Ruth
GRAY-Ogden b 1850 Morgan, OH, d Fulton, IL. Children - Ogden, Lafayette,
Mary A., Cornelius, Elizabeth, Rachel
GREENE-Rachel, b abt 1770, Bucks, PA
HANNA-Archibald, d 1793 Westmoreland, PA Children Hugh, William, Hannah, Mary
(wed Robert Williams)
KIRK-Elizabeth, Quaker, daughter Joseph Kirk/Judith Knight, wed Robert Lappin
abt 1790. Chester & Fayette, PA Belmont, OH
KOSKAN-Vaclav, b 1850s Czechoslovakia d Butler, NE
LAPPIN-PA and OH late 1700s/1800s
LEAK/LEEK-MD & Eastern, OH in late 1700s and 1800s
MITCHELL-Thomas Mitchell, b 1770s Greene, PA -d Monroe, OH. Daughter Maria
wed William Dye.

MONROE-Nicholas Monroe, b PA, died Belmont, OH early 1850s. Children Curtis,
William, John, Samuel, Mary (Hendershot), Eleanor (Maring), Rebecca (Murphy),
Miller, George, Richard.
MONTGOMERY-Daniel, d 1842 Vinton, OH Family to Wayne, IL Wife Alice Lappin,
Children William, Mariah, John, Elizabeth, Rachel, Letticia, Ruth, Euphemia
OATES-Sarah Elizabeth born Lewis, WV, adopted Samuel McCluster - to Decatur,
KS Parents supposedly Elizabeth Puffenbarger/Benjamin Oates
SLUSHER-Frederick, b PA, lived Monroe, OH, d Wayne, IL
SMITH-Aaron 1755/Anna Foster Bucks, PA Children John, Amos, Hannah, Samuel,
Charles, Mary
STARBUCKS-John and Ann Lappin of Belmont, OH
STARKEY - b 1810 PA, wed Belmont, OH
TODD - Wm. & Rachel Lappin, d late 1800s Morgan, OH
WADSWORTH-Alcinda, Martha, Wm., Rachel, Emily, Ruth b Belmont, OH

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