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Subject: Re: [OK-CENSUS-LOOKUP] [CA-CENSUS-LOOKUP] Musselman from the 19101920 and perhaps 1930 USCensus - request for look up
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Hello Carolyn,

Found this ...
Edgar is with his grandparents BARRON in CA for the 1920, however the
Barron's appear to be in KS in the 1910 with a possible Musselman family,
Found the same family in the 1900 to confirm the names, below.
Copying to KS and OK Lists for the archives.

MUSSELMAN, EDGAR (1920 U.S. Census)
Age: 17, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: OK
Series: T625 Roll: 98 Page: 23, Lines 1-3
Dwelling 1, family 1

Barron Thomas T., head, m, w, 80, M, IL VA VA, no occupation
, Mary, wife, f, w, 75, M, IL NH VA, no occupation
Musselman, Edgar, grandson, m, w, 17, S, OK IL IN, Machinist/Garage

BARRON, THOMAS T (1910 U.S. Census)
Age: 70, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: IL
Series: T624 Roll: 455 Page: 201, 202/202

MUSSELMAN, JOHN F (1910 U.S. Census)
Age: 38, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: IL
Series: T624 Roll: 455 Page: 201

Musselman, John F., head, m, w, 38, Wd, IL IL IL, Farmer/General farm
, Edith E., dau, f, w, 14, S, KS IL IN
, Thaddeus* L., son, m, w, 12, S, KS IL IN
, Estella E., dau, f, w, 9, S, OK IL IN
, Fredric, E., son, m, w, 8, S, OK IL IN
, Edward E?., son, m, w, 7, S, OK IL IN
Barron, Thomas T., stepfather, m, w, 70, M2, 17 yrs, IL KY KY, Own Income
, Mary V., mother, f, w, 65, M2, 17yrs, 8births/4living, IL IN KY

MUSELMAN, J FRANK (1900 U.S. Census)
Age: 29, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: IL
Series: T623 Roll: 1341 Page: 60 86/88

Muselman, J. Frank, head, w, m, Aug 1871, 27, M 6yrs, IL IL IL, Farmer
, Myrtle B., wife, w, f, June 1873, 26, M 6yrs, 3births/3living, IN IN
, Edith E., dau, w, f, Jan 1896, 4, S, KS IL IN
, Thadis L., son, m, w, Feb 1898, 2, S, KS IL IN
, E. Estella, dau, w, f, Oct, 1899, 8?/12, S,OK IL IN

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>I am in Canada and do not have the World subscription of Ancestry and was
>wondering if anyone would be willing to do some lookups for me? I am
>looking for info on the family of Edgar E Musselman (1902-1980) who was
>living with his grandparents (names unknown) in Jacoby, Humbolt CA in 1920.
>I am not sure when he arrived in California or why nor am I sure when he
>came to Canada. Edgar was born in 1902 in Oklahoma and his parents were
>Frank (b. abt 1855) and Myrtle Musselman (b. abt 1873).
> If anyone has the time, I sure would appreciate it if someone could do a
> search and give me some more info.
> Thanks in advance.
> Carolyn Black
> Canoe BC
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