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Very cool...Thanks. Roobert Ward.
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> Hey gang
> Just a little newspaper article I thought you all would enjoy. A Happy
> Thanksgiving to everyone!
> On the Trail
> Diron Ahlquist
> Oklahoma City
> editor, Oklahombres Journal
> Ada Evening News, May 24, 1906
> Fatal Duel Between Officer And Ex-Outlaw
> Guthrie, OK May 24 - John R. Abernathy, U.S. Marshal, received a telegram
> yesterday morning announcing that Deputy Marshal James Bourland of
Anadarko, had
> been shot and fatally wounded by Fred Hudson, the ex-outlaw and former
> of the Bert Casey band of desperadoes. Hudson was also shot by Bourland
> will die. Hudson was only recently released from custody being acquitted
of the
> killing of Deputy Marshal Lute Houston near Swan Lake in 1892. He was held
> however as a witness against Jim and Ben Hughes who were also acquitted of
> killing Tuesday at Hobart. But little is known here, as yet, regarding the
> double killing yesterday at Anadarko. Bourland was a very popular officer,
and for
> five years past his life has been threatened by outlaws. He was a
> for the next democratic nomination for sheriff of Caddo County, but has
> as deputy marshal for several years. Fred Hudson came into prominence
> years ago by killing Bert Casey, the outlaw king at Cleo Springs, Hudson
> commissioned as a deputy marshal in order to capture Casey dead or alive.
A few
> months ago he was acquitted in Arkansas of murdering a man.
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