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From: "Wanda Havlick" <>
Subject: Re: [OKCREEK-L] Euchee Indian Mission/Boarding School
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 10:48:40 -0500

I went to Woodlawn School (the old one) several hundred years ago while the
Euchee Mission was active. The old Woodlawn was located just to the south
of what is now the administration building. When I was in grades 1-3, the
Euchee area was fenced and we were not allowed to cut through there and had
to go down to Lincoln Streed to get to the residential areas east of the
By fourth grade the mission had been opened and the Woodlawn 4th grades had
classes in one of the two of three two storied buildings that were either
dorms for the mission students or classrooms....I really don't remember.
I do remember that there were four classes in each building. The buildings
sat about where the parking lot is located on the east side of Woodlawn
(new) and the HS. There was a house located on the property occupied by
the Bonham family, I think. Both adult Bonhams were teachers. I don't
recall any other homes ever being on that piece of land now occupied by the
One of the old mission buildings was used as a Youth Center at one time and
was near the center of the area now occupied by the schools. I lived in
the 1400 block of Thompson Street and remember walking through the area.
We were not allowed to fraternize with the Mission students, nor they with
us. However, I recall that many of the students later attended Woodlawn.
At my age, I hardly remember what happened yesterday, but I do remember
Euchee Mission. Would you believe I felt discriminated against because I
thought their school was for the more privileged???

> From: Marti Graham <>
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> Subject: [OKCREEK-L] Euchee Indian Mission/Boarding School
> Date: Sunday, August 23, 1998 12:14 AM
> Not much genealogical information - but some history of the school. Found
> nothing to indicate the exact location. Woodlawn School mentioned as
> on part of the original two acres is still located at the corner of
> and Lincoln.
> Plans to establish the Euchee Indian Boarding School began as early as
> 1891, but the school was not built until 1894...
> The land was public domain, but in 1899 it was surveyed and 40 acres
> reserved for the school...
> The school in the beginning was in charge of a Presbyterian Mission at
> Hill. It had an 80 pupil capacity. The Council agreed that it be
> co-educational with 50 Creeks and 50 Euchees. Noah Gregory was the first
> Superintendent.
> When first organized the school had 3 buildings - 2 dorms and a 3 room
> school less than a mile outside the city limits.
> 1925 it became a school for boys - 110 Euchees and Creeks and more
> buildings were added. The girls were sent to Eufaula. 1928 the school
> opened the Federal support, receiving Creek, Euchee, Cherokee and
> boys. In 1929 ninth-grade boys were placed in the pubic schools of
> 1895-1899 J. H. Land was Superintendent and Minister of the school.
> 1900 Wm A. Sapulpa was the Superintendent.
> 1897 Creek Nation took over and provided for maintenance of the school.
> 1907 control of the school was assumed by the Federal Government.
> 1929 boys above forth grade were enrolled in Sapulpa City Schools.
> 5/6th graders attended Woodlawn School which was located on the two acres
> given to the City of Sapulpa by the Creek Nation. 7/8th grades attended
> Washington School. The school accepted students from this area who were
> adequate homes having lost one or more parents. Boys must not have less
> than 1/4 degree Indian blood. Creek, Euchee, Seminole, Chickasaw,
> tribes were enrolled.
> The Euchee Mission was abolished in 1947 by government order and pupils
> absorbed by the Sapulpa School system.
> Source: Sapulpa, 74066 Vol. 1, p. 112
> Other bits about Euchee Mission
> Stella Woodson, R. N. Nurse at Euchee Mission
> Hattie Garber teacher at Euchee Mission
> Much credit for the founding of Euchee Mission is due to Samuel Brown,
> Gregory, Henry Land and Wm Sapulpa.
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