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From: "Peggy C. Wilson" <>
Subject: [OKGEN ] Jo
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 12:58:38 -0600
References: <65.d777de0.276fa756@aol.com>

Thanks for the equivalents. So far my husband has been able to have
some things made with sugar without raising his blood sugar levels above
100....IF he limits his caloric intact for the day!

He needs to lose some weight...a job change has him on his feet all day
but not digging ditches and crawling under houses, etc. as he was with
the previous job with the propane company. He was exhausted all the
time with that job. With the present job it is the stress and early
morning hours (3am). He does have a problem with the long time period
between meals. He takes things from home to have a snack but then all
Hell breaks lose and he doesn't get home until the middle of the
afternoon and he often goes 12 hrs between meals which is not good for a
diabetic. It is a learning experience.

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