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From: Wayne & Peggy Horton <>
Subject: POTEAU - THE HOUSE ON TERRY HILL (first mistakenly identified asCavanal)
Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2006 13:24:51 -0600

In December, 2004, there was a discussion on the list about the "Big
House" on Terry Hill in Poteau -- click on
http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/index/OKLEFLOR/2004-12 to read and
review the previous e-mails. Unforeseen events delayed my responding
until now and I would like to correct and submit additional information
concerning the house and property.

My sister corrected me that the family of SHERMAN W. and DELIA PEMBERTON
was living upstairs of the bakery when our mother began working for them
in the City Bakery (as it was then called) in August - September,
1922. She lived with them during that time and continued to reside with
them for a brief time after her marriage in 1927. The PEMBERTONs lived
previously in West Virginia and moved to Poteau about or soon after
1910 (a young daughter died in 1918 and is buried at Oakland Cemetery as
is an older brother who died in 1947). On the 1920 census, the
PEMBERTON's "Dwelling" was listed as being on Dewey Avenue. On the 1930
census, their residence was listed on McDonald Avenue. Based on the
recollections of my sister and an older cousin, the PEMBERTONs moved
into the house on the hill prior to finalizing the purchase of the house
and property. They remained the owners until they moved and sold the
property in 1942 to DR. WOODSON.

In the book "A PLACE CALLED POTEAU", on pages 63 - 64, is the
following paragraph whose author is unknown:

"Many a yen needs to be satisfied with the story of the WOODSON's home.
BEN CURTIS, who is Chairman of the Bicentennial Committee for which we
slave, has asked that the BIG house on the hill be carefully explained.
It was built by GEORGE TERRY. Mr. TERRY owned a barber shop in Poteau
and sold it to EARL PATTERSON. Not enough information is available
about TERRY, but this is correct because EARL PATTERSON was my father.
TERRY was not a well man as we know the story. Anyway, the house was
not finished inside the time he owned it. He sold the house to MITT
JENSON who sold it to '"SHERD" *
PEMBERTON, who sold it to EARL WOODSON. During the time the house was
trading hands, or possibly during the time TERRY owned it, apartments
were made and rented. The brick work on the house was done by MILTON
( My note: *Mr. PEMBERTON was called "SHERM" by his wife and others who
worked for him in the bakery.)

The below legal description is on the following Deeds, except as noted
in the last Deed which had additional property included:

LOTS 2 and 3 in BLOCK 147, and LOTS 5 and 6 in BLOCK 146, in the Town of
Poteau, Oklahoma, according to the plat of the said town approved by the
Secretary of the Interior on the 4th day of June, 1901; and the
following described tract of land and improvements thereon situated in
Poteau, Oklahoma, particularly described as : BEGINNING at the
Northeast corner of Block 147, where the same intersects McDonald Avenue
and Earl Street, and running thence in a Northeasterly direction a
distance of 38 feet to a point where the Southeast corner of Block 146
intersects McDonald Avenue and Earl Street; thence running in a
Northwesterly direction along the Southern boundary line of Block 146, a
distance of 387 feet to the Southwest corner of said Block 146; thence
in a Southerly direction a distance of 49.3 feet to the Northwest corner
of Block 147 where the same intersects McDonald Avenue; thence in a
Southeasterly direction along the Northern boundary line of said Block
147 a distance of 356 feet to the point of beginning; the same being a
portion of the public streets of the City of Poteau, Oklahoma,
heretofore vacated by the City Council on the 18th day of March, 1914,
by an Ordinance passed and approved on said date."

We have copies of the following deeds from the Deed Records, LeFlore
County Courthouse:

DEED RECORDS, Book 154, pgs. 68 - 70 SHERIFF'S DEED dated July 30, 1926
-- The Sheriff, following a judgment "on the 14th day of May A.D.
1926, for $2,272.75 plus interest and all cost awarded to WILEY W.
LOWREY against CHRISTINE TERRY, personally and as administratrix of the
estate of GEO. W. TERRY, was directed by the court, "to offer at public
sale and sell the said lands and tenements to the highest bidder for
cash in hand at the time of sale" which was held 28th June, 1926. The
highest bid was $2,667.00, made by WILEY W. LOWREY and he was deeded
the property on 30 July, 1926. (The Sheriff had called an "inquest of
three dis-interested householders residents within said County of
LeFlore" to appraise the real estate and premises and they had submitted
an appraisal of $4,000.00.)

DEED RECORDS, Book 155, pg. 301 - WARRANTY DEED dated July 30, 1926 --
WILEY W. LOWERY and TOSIE LOWERY, husband and wife, sold the property to
J. M. JENSON, for $2, 667.00

DEED RECORDS, Book 163, pg. 550 - WARRANTY DEED dated May 21, 1928 --
J. M. JENSON and LYDIA JENSON, his wife, sold the property to S. W.
PEMBERTON for $6,500.00 which included "a mortgage to WILEY W. LOWREY
for $3,000.00 which the said S. W. PEMBERTON assumes and agrees to pay."

DEED RECORDS, Record 236, pg. 161 - WARRANTY DEED dated May 2, 1942 -
sold the property to DR. EARL M. WOODSON for the sum of $5,600.00.
(NOTE: This deed conveys additional property and following the
statement "...... heretofore vacated by the City Council on the 18th day
of March, 1914, by an Ordinance passed and approved on said date" , in
the above legal description, the additional property is described as
".....all of the property hereinabove described being described
according to the plat of the town of Poteau, Indian Territory (now City
of Poteau, Oklahoma) approved by the Acting Secretary of the Interior on
June 4, 1901, and also, Lots Numbered 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 32, 33,
34, and 35 Townsite Addition No. 3 in LeFlore County, Oklahoma, except
however, and not including in this conveyance, a tract 140 feet wide and
320 feet long out of said Lot 25 heretofore conveyed to The City of
Poteau, Oklahoma as a reservoir site by warranty deed of record in the
office of the county clerk of LeFlore County, Oklahoma, at Poteau in
book 172 at page 31, but including in this conveyance any and all rights
to receive water that the grantors now have pursuant to the terms of
said deed.")

I thought this information might be of interest to those who wrote and
those who read the e-mails.


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