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Subject: Re: [OLD-FREDERICK-CO-VA] Research
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 20:57:52 EST

Hi Nancy and List, I have not noticed the Corder name in any of my Quaker
records but I do know if you can get your hands on any of the Ohio Quaker records
you will find your Mendenhall connection to Benjamin Mendenhall & John
Mendenhall, George Strowd/STRODE , William Cloud on Gilbert Cope's 1693 Concord,
Chester CO PA tax list.
I was asked where do I get all of my info for immigrant Quakers and it comes
from Gilbert Cope & Futhey's History of Chester CO PA & Bio-Sketches pub. in
1881. I bought this book from Higgison's book company for 125 dollars with the
added index added to it. I am still finding names not listed in this book's
Gilbert Cope has tax lists for Chester CO. PA listing some of the townships
for 1693,1715,1722, 1724 , 1753 and 1774. This book is the bible for Quaker
families in America.
Gilbert Cope also did Bio-Sketches for many of the immigrant Quakers to
Chester CO PA and I use these for connections.
I use the Chester CO PA deed books 1681-1730 -1729-1753 , 1753-1758 and I
need more because many of the early deed are not recorded until many years later
and that why I need deed after 1758.
I have will abstracts for Chester CO PA 1713-1748 and 1748-1766 and need
later wills.
I have some Quaker marriages for many townships and if a marriage is not
listed in the home town of your Quaker ancestor then look at all of the others and
you may find the missing son or dau. there.
There are 2 Hopewell, Frederick CO VA marriages recorded in the Nottingham CO
PA Quaker MMs .
Here are some of the first residents of Frederick CO VA in 1734 and 1735-
George Hollingsworth ( son of Abraham late Cecil CO MD and my add Abraham son
of Thomas Hollingsworth of 1696/97 New Castle CO DE with Cope ) marr. Hannah
MCKOY 19. Dec 1734 at the house of Isaac Parkins/PERKINS living on North side
of the Opeckon, Colony of VA .
Abraham Hollingsworth's will is 23 Sept 1748- Nov 1748 Frederick CO VA .

Witnesses- 1) Josiah Ballinger who marr. Mary Wright 6.31.1727 Nottingham, PA
MM she dau. of James Wright & Mary Bowater. Josiah Ballinger is in Prince
George CO MD 1730 and had a wedding for Thomas Mills & Elizabeth Harrold 1730 at
his house. Morgan Bryan & Martha STRODE Bryan were at this marriage.
Josiah Ballinger from NJ has a 4 Nov 1748 Frederick CO VA will -father-in-law
James Wright listed will 4 Oct 1751 Frederick CO VA with Martha MENDENHALL
listed . Mary Bowater Wright his wife has a 8 May 1764 Frederick CO VA will and
one of the exrs. is Jesse PUGH.
back to the Witnesses-
1) Josiah Ballinger- Burlington CO NJ , 2) Jacob Worthington-note: new info -
the Worthingtons here are from MD and appear to be related to the much later
Burlington, NJ Worthingtons and to the Phila, CO PA 1734 Quaker Worthingtons,
3) Thomas BABB -wife Sarah Foulke marr. 1729 Old Swede church of New Castle CO
DE dau. of Elizabeth COPE dau. of Oliver COPE, 4) Thomas Branson - internet
says he marr. Rebecca Borden dau. of Benjamin from Burlington CO NJ, 5) Evan
Thomas JR., 6) William HOGE and 7) George HOGE- they are Presbyterians a few
years later, sons of William Hogg listed 1722 East Nottingham tax list, 8)
Richard Highland ??, 9) Teran Kelly ?, 10 ) John Littler marr. Mary Ross dau. of
Alexander Ross large VA land owner with Morgan Bryan, 11) Evan Thomas, 12) John
Rentfro, 13) John Bullock note: may be from Burlington CO NJ listed with the
George Harrison family , 14) John Wood, 15) Thomas WILSON, 16) Onan Thomas, 17)
Benjamin Smith ?, 18) I. Mills, 19) Reuben Mills, 20 ) John Ross son of
Alexander Ross marr. Lydia Hollingsworth 11.10.1735 Hopewell, VA- this is next, 21)
William Smith ?, 22) Daniel Rickson ? , 23) Thomas Eads ?, 24) Katherine Ross
she is a Chambers wife of Alexander Ross 1722 West Nottingham PA tax list with
Richard BEESON and Charity Grubb his wife, 25) Mary ( Ross ) Littler -husband
John father Samuel Littler listed 1722 East Nottingham Tax list, 26) Mary
Wright Ballinger, 27) Mary Buller ?, 28) Abraham Hollingsworthand will 1748
Frederick CO VA and Ann Robinson his wife who marr. 4.9.1710 Kennett, PA MM son of
Thomas of DE, 29 ) Lydia Hollingsworth dau. of Abe and she married Lewis Neil
listed many times in the Frederick CO VA records, 30) Margaret Hollingsworth
dau. of Abe , may have married Benjamin Carter listed on Abe's will, , 31)
Lydia Hollingsworth -appears to be the dau. of Stephen Hollingsworth son of Henry
Hollingsworth & wife Lydia Atkinson listed with Oliver Cope tax list and Henry
is a son of the immigrant Valentine Hollingsworth with Cope 1696/97 DE, 32)
Isacc Parkins/Perkins son of Ebenezer Perkins 1696/97 DE tax list with Cope,
33) Mary Parkins -having trouble on finding her right name and a Clue- here
Frederick CO VA deed- 7 May 1745- Isaac Perkins to Isacc Malin & Lydia his
wife listing them as his well loved brother & sister-in-law a tract of land
where they now live. Wit: John Quin ? and Aaron Price ??.
Note: check my last week letter on Randall Malin and family for Isaac Malin
here marr. Lydia BOOTH 10.12.1729 GOSHEN MM and Isacc Malin's brother-in-law is
Frederick CO VA Jesse PUGH who marr. Alice Malin 2.15.1731 GOSHEN MM.
David Malin a brother of Alice and Isacc has a 1757-1761 Frederick CO VA
wedding list cont-
34) Esther Harrison - I was told she is the wife of George Harrison who I
found 1722 East Nottingham tax list and they are iam told from Burlington CO NJ
and George & Esther Harrison are listed int he Frederick CO VA deed books, 35 )
Elizabeth Rentfro ? and 36) Josiah Calvert ?.

# 2 VA Hopewell Quaker marriage recorded in the Nottingham, PA MMs.
John Ross son of Alexander Ross of Orange CO Prov. of VA marr. 11.10.1735
Lydia Hollingsworth dau. of Stephen at public meeting of Friends at Hopewell,
Orange CO prov. of Virginia.
Note: Stephen Hollingsworth of Cecil CO MD sold land to Robert McCoy/MCkay
about 1720 from Monmouth, NJ -see my letter to you all on this. The Mckay
researchers think that Robert McKay/McCoy marr. Ann Browne dau. of James Brown who
marr. Honour Clayton in Burlington NJ and this couple lived in Nottingham, PA
1) Richard Abrill ?, 2) William Brittian ?, 3) Richard Jones ?, 4) William
Smith ?, 5) Evan Thomas, 6) Jno. HITE son of Jost ?, 7) Samuel Mead ?, 8)
Samuel White ?, 9) John Nowland ?, 10) Joseph Tindall ?, 11) Isaac Perkins, 12)
---- Mills ?, 13) Jane Smith ?, 14) Sarah Mills, 15) Katherine Thomas ?, 16) Mary
Worthington ?, 17) Elizabeth Carter ?, 18) Margaret McKoy - not sure who she
is - Margaret McCoy dau. of Robert marr. Joshua Job 11.1.1731 Nottingham, PA
MM. Joshua Job & Margaret McCoy's 2 sons Moses and Enuch Jobe are on the 1785
Shenandoah CO VA tax list of Abraham Keller with George McKoy, Jeremiah McKoy ,
a James HERRELL , Reuben Pagit , Elijah Hurst, Spencer Breeding and a George
McCoy and Spencer breeding are on the 1796 Russell CO VA tax list where my
Copes' lived same time. Abraham Keller was a LT. 1755 Frederick CO VA Militia
roster under Capt. Henry Speer.
Wedding list- cont-
19) Jane Smith Jr., 20) Aleander Ross, 21) Katherine Roos , 22) Anne Robinson
Hollingsworth, 23) Mary Ross Littler, 24) Margaret Hollingsworthdau. of Abe,
25) Lydia Hollingsworth dau. of Abe, Sarah Abrill ?, Deborah Ross not sure who
she is- note: Alexander Ross has a 1748 Frederick CO VA will with children
but no Deborah is listed he does have dau. Albanna Thomas and I have her listed
wife of Evan Thomas , 26) Hannah McCoy Hollingsworth wife of George
Hollingsworth nmarr. 19.12.1734 Nottingham MM and George is a son of Abe & Ann.
I can get immigrants to here and now we need all of you to back tract to
Frederick CO VA 1730s and later .
David , and I have been waiting for a long time to do this and now is the

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