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Subject: Re: [ONT-LDS-GREN] Athens Yonge history
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 17:45:42 -0700
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Hi Leslie,

If you haven't already done so, you might want to contact the Grenville
County Historical Society to see if they have any info on your families.
Their website address is: http://web.ripnet.com/~gchs/ They are a great
group of people and very willing to help. They keep a file on Grenville Co.
families and have many other resources in their library at Prescott.

In addition, I indexed land records for Grenville Co. from about 1790-1850
and donated the database to the Leeds & Grenville Branch of the Ontario
Genealogical Society. It was published in book form last year and they have
it for sale. There are several Main's in the index--James, Thomas, Matthew,
John Sr. & Jr., William, and Zadock P. Also an Alexander and a Michael
Story, as well as a Michael Woolery.


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> Hi Sally,
> I would love to tap into your knowledge and books on L&G. I have two big
> families, not from your Leeds/Athens area, but from Grenville - on the
> townline with South Gower. I think my gggranfathers were kind of quiet
> farmers who did not get listed in any books, even though both were there
> about 1817, but I would desperately love to find any bits about their
> James Main (or any Main siblings)
> Robert Stor(e)y (or any other Storys - not from Brockville or Augusta)
> Wooley, Woolery
> Thanks!!!

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