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Hi Sandy,
Thank you. Lots of great info and the map is great.

I really don't know the name of the person I'm looking for. I have a brick wall ancestor, Orin Day Rogers, b. 1837. I can find no record of him prior to the 1861 census. No baptism, either. I'm trying to find out if Day was his mother's maiden name, then maybe if I can find his mother, I can find his father through marriage records. Were there any Rogers' buried with the Day's? I blew up the map large to see Day Road and Daytown Road. Would the cemeteries be on those two roads? Are the cemeteries open to the public?

Is there a map of the concessions somewhere? I'm lost without a map or reference. Where are concessions 6 & 9? Is Gananoque in 6 or 9? There's a Day's Road in Gananoque.

On the interactive map it had an information box that said that Bastard was settled by Abel Stevens from VT who became a Baptist minister. In the 1861 census, Orin Day Rogers, living in Gananoque, claims that he was a Baptist. Later censuses information: changes to Methodist Episcopal, father from the USA, mother from England, claims both Irish and English heritage.

Do you know what church Jeremiah and Joseph Day were in (looking for marriage records for a groom Rogers and bride Day)? Were they both Quakers or could Joseph have become a Baptist? Were either of them born in England? Is there an online tree somewhere of the Days that you know of? Lots of questions, I don't expect you to be able to answer most or even any of them. The map was very helpful and I will use it on my next trip up to Leeds. That alone was a real find. Thank you.

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