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Thank you so much, Sandy, for responding and delving into the information as you did!

I'd replied last night, but the site was a bit wonky and it lost my reply, so I'm making another attempt this morning.

I emailed the Grenville County Historical Society this past Wednesday, but haven't heard back from them yet. If I don't hear from them by early next week I'll try again.

Your line of thinking regarding events of this family follow mine, pretty much. I need to go back to the baptism records as I'd found David's (youngest child, my Grandfather, Charley was the next youngest) baptism in Westmeath. There are two children between Mary and Andrew according to the Cowdrey book I have. I'm really using that book as a jumping off point for my research and not taking every fact as truth as I've documented some differences.
Samuel Cowdrey, father of George Sr., was the first in my lineage to settle in Canada. He moved to Johnstown from Vermont. According to the book, he ran a tavern or hotel close to a gristmill and drowned in a river while trying to save the mill from a "freshet" (had never heard that term before..basically, a flood). That was in 1805.
I am so appreciative of the information you have provided. I am very new to researching my family. I've worked a bit through the Family History Center located here. How did you contact the Grenville Cnty Historical Society? If you have any tips on contacting them (can I even call them since they're in another country?).
Presently I'm the sole caregiver for my Mother (maiden name Cowdrey) who is 94. It's difficult to travel as she doesn't like anyone else caring for her.

Again, thank you! I'm in Manhattan, Kansas (a couple hours south of LIncoln) and grew up in Kansas City. I have family history in Nebraska and Missouri (Charley Cowdrey, GF moved to Missouri in 1889). Those two places will be my first two roadtrips.

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