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Sandy, I'll email you as I'm very interested in George Sr.'s service.

I've always been interested in history. My interest in genealogy came about when a distant cousin on my Dad's side contacted me. I've found that the Thorla, (my maiden name), Cowdrey, and Westcott lines (all men) are fairly well established. I'm more interested in the times they lived and how the history of events shaped their lives. I really want to discover my female ancestors, which is a bit more problematic.
To me, genealogy is more than birth and death dates; it's a study of events. I wonder why Samuel moved from Vermont to Canada. How George's first wife and child died; from an accident or was there an epidemic that took them. What was life like for them? Those are the things I'm so much more interested in and the things that reveal hints about their character. So now I'm off to learn about the War of 1812.
I need to be patient with myself and realize there is a learning curve to all of this.
I did attend a State of Kansas Historical Society seminar and have looked up the next annual meeting. I'll check into genealogy classes around here and see what I can find. I'm finding that this can be an expensive hobby. I've budgeted a specific amount each month as it could get out of hand. I need to learn how to search smarter.
Anyway, I'm a talker and could go on longer, but I won't. Thank you so much for the info you've provided and I'll email you in the near future.

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