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From: "Gordon Holley" <>
Subject: [Ont] RE: Looking for Concession Maps and land titles information in Ontario
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 05:46:14 -0800
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In Case this is useful to anyone else, these are the responses that I
received personally with respect to my query. I asked if anyone knew how to
locate Concession Maps and land titles for Grey and Albion Counties.

Thank you very much to all who responded. I have found a few vital pieces
of information that I did not have before, including some pictures of some
of my ancestors!

"go to Cyndislist.com"

"Tremaine's map of 1859 for Peel County [is available from Peel County:
e-mail Tim Cork at ]"

"Many years ago a family member who was born in Bruce County bought a
Gazzeeter of the Bruce, I have been told that many counties had these. They
contain maps and names etc. I have been told by the folks at the Mormons
Family Research Center that they sometimes have them and that they are also
found at University and city libraries."

"land records...which if memory serves me correct explains the lots and
concessions (which are which) http://wwnet.com/~treesrch/ontland.html";

"Try http://imago.library.mcgill.ca/countyatlas/search.htm This lets you
search for property owners and allows to download township maps with enough
detail that you can read the names of individual property owners marked on
their property. I found Grey County, but not Albion County."

"Another map site: http://www.rootsweb.com/~canon/locator/index.html which
also has a locator.

If you wanting to buy your own maps (and in my opinion, maps are vital for
research and you should have as many of the area you are searching as you
can find) I can recommend Global Genealogy in Milton, Ontario as a good
source. They can be found at http://globalgenealogy.com

For modern research, I really like Ontario Road Atlast by MapArt Publishing
which is probably available at your local Chapters or at www.mapart.com

The Grey County Archives has land records...I do not know their procedures
for at distance researchers but the archivist, Paul White, can be emailed at

"I have the Grey County Book which gives an index of towns and concession
#'s of the people who lived there. Most of the info is taken from a
directory for1865 for Grey County."

"Land title records in Ontario are a real hodge-podge right now. The Harris
government does not want the expense of storing them and are trying to have
them destroyed. Genealogical societies under the auspices of "Under the
Apple Tree" are trying to find storage sites. However I believe the Grey
county records are pretty intact and you should contact the GREY COUNTY
archives at www.greycounty.on.ca to find out where they are. Concession maps
are available for some areas and they should have those too. GOOD LUCK!!!"

"To search Ontario land titles from a distance, I have used two approaches.
Assuming you have a legal description for the land of interest, you can
order in the microfilm of the Abstract Index for that Township through your
local LDS Family History Centre, find you parcel of land and note any
documents you wish to see. Then either order in the microfilm which
contains those documents or write to the Land Registry Office in Owen Sound
for a copy. The other approach is to just correspond with the Land Registry
Office. This spares you the anguish of ordering in the wrong microfilm - a
particular problem when the Abtract Index for your Township of interest is
on more than one microfilm. The overall cost seems to be about the same.
Dealing with the Land Registry Office seems to be faster."

"I can't seem to place Albion County (it is probably a part of a larger
county/municipality now) but Grey County records are at:
Grey County (Registry Office #16)
Court House
595 Ninth Avenue East
Owen Sound, Ontario
N4K 3E3
Government Phone: (519) 376-1637
Paging (Freelancers) Lines: (519) 376-1647 & 376-4142.

Grey County covers the following townships: Artemesia, Bentinck, Chatsworth
Village, Collingwood, Derby, Dundalk Village, Durham Town, Egremont,
Euphrasia, Flesherton Village, Gleneig, Hanover Town, Holland, Keppel,
Markdale Village, Meaford Town, Neustadt Village, Normanby, Osprey, Owen
Sound City, Proton, Sarawak, Shallow Lake Village, St. Vincent, Sullivan,
Sydenham, & Thornbury Town.

I know of no on-line records for any Ontario Registry Offices. If you have a
lot and concession or lot and plan number and the township name, you can
call a freelancer to copy say, the abstract or parcel indices up to and
including a specified number of years. (ie from Crown Patent until circa
1925) OR you can send a query directly to the government staff for the
abstracts for a certain lot & concession or lot & plan and ask them to copy
a certain number of pages for you. $8.00 for the first page and $1.00 for
each consecutive page CDN funds. So you can send them $10.00 and a
self-addressed, stamped envelope and they will mail you 3 pages of your
specified abstract or parcel index. Then when you receive your copies, you
will have instrument numbers that you can order from them the same way,
which are 50cents a page."

Gord Holley

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From: Gordon Holley [mailto:]
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Subject: Looking for Concession Maps and land titles information in Ontario

I am researching my family history in Ontario in the period from 1800 -
1900. I am looking for concession maps of Albion County, and of Grey
County, for anytime from all years from 1800 - 1900. Could some kind sole
please tell me where I can find them? I was also wondering, about the best
way to research land title records in Ontario. Are any of the databases

Thanks in advance,
Gordon Holley
West Vancouver, BC

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