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From: Timothy Lewis <>
Subject: Wactor Family
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 10:43:56 -0500


I noted with interest in your recent post to the Orangeburgh list the
mention of Adam WACTOR. Might you have additional information on this

Let me briefly summarize my information:

Johann Georg Wactor/Wechter (c 1700/20-c 1750) married Magdaline [--?--]
(she married [2] 24 JUN 1750 John Fredrick OTT); both are thought to
have immigrated from the Rhineland c 1735/45; three children are known:

William [I have nothing more on him.]

Marcus (Martin?); a Martin Wechter was a veteran of the
Revolutionary War and married
Barbara [--?--]

Abraham (1749-c 1850) married Mary [--?--] and migrated to SW
Mississippi; one source indicates that this is his first marriage
and that he married (2) Mary SLAGLE (1805-1865); Abraham seems to
have had 7 children:

Adam (1785-1865) married (1) Nancy WHEISENHUNT (1795-1830) and
(2) Mary [--?--]; now, the source that has Mary Slagle married
to Abraham is, so far, the only one who has listed Adam as a
child of Abraham; others have speculated that he belongs to
Marcus/Martin or to a George Wechter who was running around
Orangeburgh during this same period [and belongs to whom?].

Jacob (b. c 1788) married (1) Ann [--?--] [I descend from
their only child Louisa Elizabeth.] and (2) Elizabeth MORGAN

Rufus (b. c 1795) married Eliza [--?--]

John W. (b. c 1798) married Susannah BOLING/BOLAN

Mary married Arthur BOLING

William J. married Anna WELLS

Catherine married Moses EVANS

I'll look forward to any light you can shed on these folks, and of
course will gladly provide any additional information I may have that
would be useful to you. Thanks.

Tim Lewis

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