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Subject: 1750's SC Gazette Ads & Zeiglers
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 23:25:39 -0400

Here are some notes I made from the 1750's South Carolina Gazette. I
was researching our Zeiglers but there are items I hope will be of
interest to most of you. The one on HEMP SEED is cute. Do you think
the Ladies of Orangeburg would feed their hemp seed to the birds?
Best regards, Bob H. ___

Our Zeigler line came through Charleston, SC from Wurttemberg,
Germany in 1753. Most of the other lines we are researching arrived
plus or minus ten years from that time. To learn what I could about
these Zeiglers and Charleston of that day I requested from the local
library exchange the microfilm of the newspaper, 1750’s South Carolina
Gazette. Unfortunately, they found no one who would share with them.
Probably because copies were available within forty miles. In that I
was going that way I stopped at the Summerville, SC public library which
has a copy of this microfilm. Unfortunately again, there is no way to
copy what you see on their viewer except with pen and paper. THE
Orangeburg Public Library has an excellent microfilm viewer that makes 8
½" X 11" copies for ten cents each. No problem with being a nonprofit
organization. But, they do not have the microfilm. Well, in about a
year the libraries will have all of the newspapers on disk, a scanner, a
computer and all we will need to do is bring our floppies and make all
kinds of fast tracts.

Back at Summerville, I copied a couple of hours worth by hand.
Here is what I found of interest to me. I hope it is of interest to you
too. All of these came from the Gazette. Most of them were in the form
of an add. The number and date of the issue will be given and the page
number if known.

Number 977


CHARLES - TOWN: Printed by Peter Timothy,
at the new Printing Office, in Tradd Street (409)

No. 913, November 13th, 1751, back page:
Just arrived in the Ship Anne Capt. Charles Kennaway, now lying off Mr.
Bedon's Wharf, About 200 GERMAN Passengers, Amongst them are several
handicraft Tradesmen and Husbandmen, and likely young Boys and Girls.
They are to be indented for a Term of Years, to any Person who will pay
their Passages.
Apply to Austin & Laurens

No. 914, November 18th, 1751:
Same as above.

No. ___, September 1st, 1752, page 3:
ADVERTISEMENT. A Ship is just arrived from Rotterdam with German
Servants all in perfect Health (not one of them having died in the
Passage): Amongst them are Tradesmen of all sorts which will be
indented on very reasonable Terms.
Austin &

No. ___,September 19th, 1752:
[A notice of a ship lost in a hurrecane.]

No. ___, October 3rd, 1752:
ADVERTISEMENT. A vessel is just arrived from Rotterdam, with GERMAN
SERVANTS in GOOD HEALTH. Amongst them are Tradesmen of all sorts, which
will be indented on reasonable Terms.
by Benj. D'A Harrietts, & John McCall,

No. 966, November 18th, 1752:
The Ship CALENDONIA, Alexander Har(x x x)vie, Master, will certainly
sail for England by the 10th January next: For Freight may agree with
Master or Robert Pringle, & Co.

[This ad was also run in the No. 968, January 1, 1753 issue. We do not
know when this ship
arrived. I believe it arrived in September after the hurricane. One
ship was towed into port without a mast. This would explain why I
stayed in port from September to January. This could be the ship that
David Seigler, the younger, arrived on. RDH]

No. ___, January 1753:
Cleared for departure: Ship Caledonia, Alexander Harvie, to Rotterdam.
Sloop Peggy-------etc.

No. 969, January 8th, 1753:
>From the New York Mercury, December 11th, 1752. THE HURRICANE, x x
x x x
Calamities off Carolina x x x
[I would like to see a copy of this. Another German Servant ad was in
this issue. RDH]

No. ___, _________
I am informed by Henry Weed overseer at the plantation on Long Savannah
late William Cattell's, Esq. drc. [deceased
?] Henry Middleton

No. 973, February 5, 1753:
Vessells Entering inwards Charlestown, Ship Elizabeth, John Ross, from
Rotterdam & Portsmouth.
The Trustees for Childbury School, are in want of a person qualified for
teaching Latin, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic & etc. and for boarding
children, Such person will find suitable encouragement.
[This ad was also on Page 4, issue No. 982, APR 11, 1753. I wonder if
our Michael Zeigler could have been indented to a school like this. He
was well educated and may have taught English with a slight German
accent. Well now you know all of the Grants then were per King George
III. He was a German and I believe he spoke German and not English.]

No. 974, February 12th, 1753:
The Ship Elizabeth, Captain John Ross, just arrived with GERMAN SERVANTS
in good health, Amongst them are tradesmen of all sorts, which will be
indented on reasonable

[Fritz Zeigler, his son Michael and many other relatives arrived on the
Elizabeth. John McCall, Austin, Henry Laurens, Benj. D’A Harrietts were
Charlestown businessmen or brokers who dealt in indented servants and
also slaves. If we could find their business records we could establish
many of our researched names and relations.]

GARDEN SEED of all sorts, just imported from Bristol, to be sold at the


No. ___, February 16, 1753:
Any Persons willing to try the cultivation of Flax and Hemp in this
province, may have grattis a pint of Hemp Seed and a half pint of Flax
Seed, at Mr. Commissary Dart's Store, Tradd Street ------- But it's
hoped the ladies will not feed for (sic) any Hemp Seed for (sic) birds.


[Included an ad for a new De Beahm’s Map for sale of this area.]


Choice good Coal to be sold by Joseph Shultz, and delivered at the
buyer’s door for FIVE POUNDS TEN SHILLINGS per Ton, ready money.
[This was a lot of money at that time. It would probably buy 50 acres
of land or pay for a laborer for a year. Some ministers made less than
50 POUNDS a year.]

No. 983, April 16, 1753
[Included a request from Royal Governor Glenn for militia to suppress
the Indians who were massacring the settlers in the up country.

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