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There are references to some of the sources in the Theresa Hicks book, Saxe
Gotha Neighbors (Columbia SC: Peppercorn Press, Inc., 2000). The first
seven Purrysburgh families (Jacob Winckler, Theobald Kuffer, Ludwig Coel,
Henric Croneberger, George Mengersdorff, Andrew Winckler and Nicholas Riger)
arrived in Savannah, per The Colonial Records of the State of Georgia on 1
Aug 1732. The settlers who qualified for residence on 22 and 23 Dec 1732 in
Charleston included 47 French-speaking and 45 German-speaking persons. The
list was printed in "SCHM Vol. 10" (no issue or page number cited). The
original document should be available from SCDAH, probably included in the
Council Journals. The list includes names and ages of wives and children.
Mrs. Hicks also added a list of Purrysburgh grants issued in 1735-45. The
grants for all the 1732-3 settlers were issued together on 17 Mar 1735/6. A
list of early landowners should be easy to reconstruct from the SCDAH search
engine at Just search on Location = Purrysburg
for years 1732 to whenever.

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Does anyone know of a list of the Purrysburg settlers, other than building
one's own by going through the SCDAH land plats etc. for the appropriate

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