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From: stephen davie <>
Subject: Re: [<orcadia>] Cathedral
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 00:37:03 -0700
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Sorry to mislead. And there is no negative connotation actually. Just
some facts actually. And perhaps a hurdle or two.
The significance of allowing a service to be held by the Monks, who
represent both the the faith group and representative historic style
of service common to the time and place of the Cathedral, is huge and
compelling for some people with either an historic or faith interest,
or a family connection, or a combination of these elements.

As to the "keeper of the keys", tis an expression of control or access.
In Canada the phrase almost has a smirky jailhouse double entendre
attached. What I was referring to was a previous e-mail from a
gentleman who provided some information as to from whom and how one
might get access to the Cathedral. The example given was permission to
play the organ, for example, for which a "donation" was appropriate
(suggested by the fellow) and being therefore the entrance route from
whomever the "keeper of the keys" might be. In other words, the
suggestion was, for a fee, the doors open.....sortof. Sounds familiar
all round the world huh?

To the issue, that issue was how might one contact the appropriate
person who might have the fast answer as to how permission is given to
use that building,(ie: doorkeeper/key keeper) which seems to belong to
the people of Kirkwall. That ownership was the other interesting point.
For I can see that families in Orkney still exist on out islands, who
indeed historically contributed to the construction costs by the tithe,
tax or demanded fee at the time of construction. My relatives in Orkney
all of whom today live outside of Kirkwall, are assuredly from
forbears wherefrom donations in whatever form, contributed to those
huge costs years ago.

As I recall, if I have the right Karen, you attended the St. Magnus
Music Festival, which was from all accounts, a large success. Might we
agree that the building was not originally built with a music venue in
June of 2006 as an envisioned use? Perhaps we might agree that a Church
service was an intended use. I might imagine that St. Magnus himself
might well like to see one fine day, when otherwise the place would
perhaps be empty anyway, an Orthodox Mass performed by a group such as
the Monks from the historic Monastic site on Papa Stronsay. And I feel
that I know that they would be happy to participate. Many others know
this too. In fact, that faith group still offer up prayers to St.
Magnus as a matter of their normal course, and they take great interest
in the history of religion in Orkney during the era when the Cathedral
was built. Bishop Bjarni, for example, the third Bishop of the
Cathedral if my memory is serving me this night, inherited Kolbein's
family farm in Dalsfjord, Faler in Norway. He gave this inherited
property before he died, to a monastery in Norway. Thereafter, a member
of the family of a subsequent generation had a dispute about that place
and his position in that transfer from Bjarni. In fact, I think one of
the codicils was that a member of the family had the right to stay
there and have some income from the farming crops. It will be
interesting to see if those monastics for example, were of the same
order as the ones on Papa Stronsay prior to Kolbein's building his
fortress on Wyre, and before the Cathedral. My hunch is there will be a
close relationship, just because they were Norwegian, both factions.

Karen, I know of people in Canada, and elsewhere including New Zealand
who for sure would hop on a plane to attend such a service at the
Cathedral as many did to see the music venue this June. I think that
perhaps that would be a good thing for Orkney, as was the festival. It
might be a nice off-season annual event. Good for tourism and good for
the soul.

Hope this answers your question. The only negative aspect about this,
the potential for red tape, has been very kindly conferred to me
offlist by a gentleman from Orkney, and I must say that the information
given from him and others was very helpful, and should prove
interesting in due course.


On Monday, September 19, 2005, at 08:29 AM, wrote:

> Stephen--
> Please clarify
> re "gave the committee who created the St. Magnus Music Festival,
> the keys to the building"
> What do you mean by this? And Who told you that? Since you passed this
> information around the world with a negative connotation, I think we
> should have a
> bit of explanation and facts before people go jumping to any
> conclusions.
> Karen
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