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Subject: Re: [OREAR-L] Samuel OREAR
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 11:36:37 -0400

Linda -- You wrote, in part:

I did run across some land grant information on a parcel of land around
Huntsville, AL to Fields C. Orear. I don't use Ancestry. When I first
started doing research on the
computer, I used Rootsweb...and it kinda upset me when Ancestry came along
charged fees for information....some of which I'm sure was gleaned from


I don't know if you were inferring that land grant information was free on
Rootsweb (back in the day) and now costs money on Ancestry on or not. If
that's what you meant, may I say, I believe that the land grant information
for all the "land grant" states is available for free from a Federal
govenmernt Web site (Burueau of Land Management as I recall). I don't have
the URL to the site (handy), but I visited it quite often several years

-- Karon

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