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Subject: Re: One room school houses
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 13:38:07 -0700

Sorry, this wasn't in Oregon but........

I went to a one room school out of Colville, Washington, as a young girl. I
think I learned more there than I did at any other school!! We had a good
teacher, Mrs. Butte, and a varied program. We had a different kind of music
every morning (ie: band, singing, square dancing, marching, etc)

I still remember how embarrased I was in the third grade when I spoke up to
answer a geography question that the teacher had asked (of the 7th and 8th
grade class). I answered before anyone else - it just popped out of my
mouth. In those days, you didn't speak up unless spoken to!! I remember
everyone looking at me. I thought I would die of shame. Can you imagine? I
guess it just goes to show that I was learning not only my own work but
things that the older kids were learning too. (I had a strange feeling that
the teacher was rather proud of me knowing the answer, although she never
did mention the incident).

At recess, we worked on building a log house; the older boys cutting down
the trees. We probably had the walls up 4 feet before I moved from that
school. We also played drop the handkerchief, "antey over", flying dutchman,
hide and seek, and other similar "old fashioned" games. In the winter, we
spent the recess sledding/sliding.

Those were the good old days, even tho we had to walk 2 1/2 miles each way.
Lots of times my younger sister and I would ride our horse, Jerry, to school
and then send him home. (He refused to take us to school in the winter when
it was icy.) I can't remember ever NOT wanting to go to school!!

Diane Biggar-Taylor

> Well, that disspells the truth about kids getting a better education in a
> smaller class. (Giggle)
> Walt Davies
> << and he and the other boy took
> turns one sitting in the hall and the other in the gym all year. Needless
> to say neither one learned a thing in the third grade. >>

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