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From: "Earline Wasser" <>
Subject: The Dalles Optimist Friday, March 6, 1931 Maupin
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 20:01:25 -0700

The Dalles Optimist [a weekly paper] Friday, March 6, 1931 page two

Mrs. Doris Wittman is visiting with her aunt and family, Mrs. E.A. Hartman
at Wapinitia

Mrs. E.A. Hartman left Sunday to go to Silverton [Oregon] after his [sic]
daughter, Crystal. She has been there visiting, also doctoring for her ears.

Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Henneghan went to Wamic Sunday to visit with Mr. and Mrs.
Bruce Driver. Mrs. Driver is better in health than she has been for years.

Work will soon begin on the highway from the top of Maupin hill to Browns
Service Station. There will be around 75 men to work on the highway road.

Mrs. Lloyd Woodside and daughter visited at Maupin Sunday with Mrs.
Woodsides parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.S. Stovall.

Mr and Mrs. Roy Crabtree and Carson visited at the home of Lester Crabtree

Mr. W. Wray Lawrence was at Lone Pine grange Friday night, also Mrs.
Lawrence and another lady from 8-mile grange. Mr. Lawrence gave a very
interesting talk on the program for all the granges to be used in the next
six months.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Davidson were in Maupin Saturday afternoon.

A.E. Mayhew and the Crabtree brothers are working night shifts to finish
plowing early.


The leader of the sheep club, Jim Slusher, held a meeting last week and gave
out all the data that the members will need in their work.

The first and second grade pupils who received pink bows last week are Marie
Foley, Betty Chastain, Charlotte Cunningham, Florabelle Davis, Marcia
McLead, Norma Jean Morris, Verle Confer, Vernon Pratt, Leo Welch, Ione
Wilson, Verna Lee Fischer, Norva Nye, Verle Pratt, Gerald Wittman, Mary Ann
Slusher, Jeanne Turner, Helen Turner, Beulah Richmond, Eldon Richmond,
Leland Mayhew and Elnora Greene.

The health inspectors are Gertrude Kirsch and Elvin Doty, desk inspectors
are Geraldine Peters and Don Stogsdale.

Friday Mr. Hamptons room had a spelling match, the 8th grade and the 7th
grade were the winners.

The Girl Scouts of Troop 1 met Wednesday in the high school. The Tenderfeet
receiving pins were Beulah Schilling, Dorothea Doty and Adaline Schilling.
Bernice Hallis, Jean Renick, Dorothy Greene, Irene Woodcock, Golda
Alexander, Kathleen Foley, Lena Turner and Myrtle Kramer received Second
Class badges. They were presented by Miss Pepper as they were not here the
night of the court of awards.

Maupin won the championship Friday night when it defeated the powerful Dufur
quintet by a score of 22 to 21. No one expected to see Maupin win but they
held the lead the entire game. Maupin lost no time in scoring when she
scored seven points before Dufur scored. Several times Maupin obtained a
7-point lead but every time the fighting Dufur team would cut down the lead.
In the last quarter the fans got their moneys worth. In the closing minutes
Dufur cut Maupins lead to one point after Greene and Alexander were put out
on fouls but Slusher soon gave Maupin a three point lead when he dribbled
down the floor and shot a short one. H. Strasser shot a long one for Dufur
but the final gun closed the game. Harry Rutherford ran wild for Maupin to
score 12 points.

Friday Charles Bothwell will present the cup to the Maupin high school.
Glenn Alexander will accept it in behalf of the high school.

MAUPIN page unknown though same weekly The Dalles Optimist

Mrs. Percy, mother of Mrs. Frank Stuart, is visiting here from Mosier

Mrs. Lofton of Tygh Valley [Oregon], visited her mother, Mrs. G.I. Derthick
on Tuesday.

Jean Mayhew was a guest of Cheri Pratt on Tuesday evening.

Reverend Matthews of Simnasho [Oregon] was a business visitor here on
Tuesday Afternoon.

Mrs. Ollie Bithwell was a caller here on last Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rutherford are the parents of a baby boy born on last
Monday. Mother and son are at the Frank Dyer home and are doing nicely
according to Dr. J.L. Elwood, attending physician. Mrs. Rutherford will be
remembered as Miss Dorothy Lister.

Among the Maupin young folks at the dance at Tygh Valley last Saturday night
were: Glenn Alexander, Bill Slusher, Mary Greene, Greatha Turner and Andrew

Among those from Maupin who remined for the tournament dance at Dufur
[Oregon] last Saturday night were Miss Bessie Starr, Miss Joy Cockran and
Verle Bonney of Criterion [Oregon].

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Resh were business callers in Portland the first of the

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stuart and Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Henneghan were in Portland
on Monday.

Mrs. Frank Magill of Wamic shopped here on Monday afternoon.

Huck Harpham and Lee Laughlin of Wapinitia were at Tygh Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Davidson were Sunday callers at the Jake Davidson home.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Cox of Wapinitia shopped here on Wednesday morning.

Oscar Renick and son, Franklin, were in The Dalles Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Crabtree were at The Dalles Sunday afternoon.

Those in town Saturday afternoon were: Mrs. Raymond Crabtree, Harvey Morris,
Mrs. Arthur Morris, Mrs. Don Miller of the Flat and Maion [sic] OBrien and
O.S. Walters of Wapinitia.

Cyril Fraley motored to Bend [Oregon] Saturday evening with E.A. Cyr. Mrs.
Fraley retuning with them on Sunday.

O.S. Johnson of Wapinitia was a business caller here on Monday.

Lloyd Claymier of Wapinitia spent Sunday at The Dalles.

Several Rebekahs attended the party given by The Dalles Rebekahs at The
Dalles last Friday. Among those from Maupin were Mrs. J.H. Woodcock, Mrs. B.
Fraley, Mrs Bernard Welch.

Deputy Gene Wright was a caller here from The Dalles last Saturday.

Mrs. Frank Batty and son, Robert, spent Wednesday afternoon at the Lou
Henneghan home.

W.E. Hunt of Criterion was here on Wednesday and Thursday.

Several from Maupin were at Dufur Saturday and Saturday evening at the
tournament games, witnessing Maupin boys win the pennant, or rather, a
statue of a player shooting for a basket. Marion OBrien, Douglas Bothwell,
Albert St. Dennis, Clarence Woodruff, Ralph Kaiser, Wade Hampton and several
from Wapinitia were on the sidelines.

Job, Andrew and Roy Crabtree, Dee Talcott, Frank Stuart, Bernard Welch and
several others were at Dufur Saturday evening as representatives of the
local I.O.O.F. lodge where they gave obligations to several candidates.

Reverend Clarke M. Smick conducted Sunday services here Sunday morning and

Nick Karolas was a caller in The Dalles on Saturday.

Dont forget to set aside the evening of March 7th when the Lone Pine grange
presents their play, The Little Clodhopper, in the Legion hall at Maupin.
Steady rehearsals during the past four weeks by the cast will vouch for its
success. Septimus Greene(Marion OBrien) is a young book agent, full of pep.
Ocey Gump (Andrew Crabtree) is a fresh country product who produces a lot of
laughs in the audience while Richard Crabtree takes the part of George
Chiggerson and Ruth Pepper,k his mother, Mrs. Chiggerson. Miss Juliette Bean
is characterized by Josephine Woodside. Elizabeth Lyon is the leading
character as Charmain Carter while Lorraine Woodside plays the part of Judy,
a little clodhopper from the poor house.

Written permission to reprint given by The Dalles Chronicle, The Dalles,

Copied and submitted by Earline Wasser

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