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Subject: [ORIGINAL-13] Early Families - HEACOCK - Part III (Final)
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143. NATHAN BARCLAY HEACOCK5 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, William4), only
son of William and Lavinia (Penrose) Heacock, was born in Rockhill, Bucks
County, 4 mo. 10, 1825. He was but six years of age when his parents removed
to Plumstead Township and became members of Buckingham Meeting. He was reared
on the Plumstead farm which he purchased of his father in 1856. He removed to
Philadelphia about 1870, and was engaged in business there until his death in
191. He married in 1850, Salome Fries.
Children of Nathan Barclay and Salome (Fries) Heacock:
286William Winfield, b. 2-4--1851; d. 11-5--1919; m. Jennie L. Terwell
287Araminda, b. 10-5--1853; m. first, Owen Neal; second, Evan Thomas
288F. Fillmore, b. 12-191854; d. 2-271867
289DeWitt Clinton, b. 4-9; d. 1-7--1919; m. Laura C. Ferris (?)
290Edwin Ellwood, b. 10-281856; d. 6-171865
291Lorette, b. 10-141858; unm. living at Melbourne, Fla., with her sister
292Annie May, b. 9-201860; d. 1-191891; m. Louis N. Fender
293Eva Lavina, b. 3 1862; m. Louis N. Fender
294Henry Fries, b. 10-111863; m. Caroline Kirby
295James Finley, b. 5-281866; unm. living at Stanwood, Washington

148. THOMAS REECE HEACOCK5 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Jesse T.4),
only child of Jesse T. and Elizabeth (Reece) Heacock, was born at the residence
of his maternal grandparents, Thomas and Elizabeth (David) Reece, at Blue Hill,
Delaware County, Pa., 4 mo. 14, 1847. He was reared on his fathers farm near
Lima, in the same county, and educated at Friends Boarding School at
Fairville, Pa. He remained on his fathers farm, which he ultimately
inherited, until the spring of 1909, when he removed to Llanerch, Delaware
County, where he died 11 mo. 4, [page 263] 1911. He was always deeply
interest in the bettement of the public schools and served for many years as a
school director of his native township, and until his removal therefrom in
1909. In 1869, in connection with William Heacock, he compiled and published
the History of the Heacock Family. He married, 11 mo. 2, 1871, Amy Ella
Altemus, daughter of Marshall and Susan D. Altemus, who survives him, and is
living with her two unmarried daughters at the old home in Llanerch.
Children of Thomas Reece and Amy Ella (Altemus) Heacock:
296Bessie Reece, b. 6-171874; d. 8-311874
297Jesse Marshall, b. 7-191876; living at Kirkland, Del. Co., Pa.,
Auditor for the Auto Car Co.; m. 6-2--1904, Mabel Florence Campbell; children,
Jesse Marshall, Jr., b. 2-261905
Mabel Florence, Jr., b. 3-111911
Thomas Reece, b. 1-161913
298Elizabeth Reece, b. 3-231879; unm., teacher in Haverford Twp. schools
299Davis Reece, b. 6-231881; living at Ridgway, Elk Co., Pa., where he is
foreman of a pattern making shop; m. 6-281907, Celia May Frampton of Ridgway;
Martha Alberts, b. 4-201908
Rosella Amy, b. 12-211909
300Sidney Hoopes, b. 6-221884; unm., a teacher in Upper Darby Township
schools; living with her mother at Llanerch
301William Altemus, b. 6-6--1889; d. 5-171890

150. ELIZA HEACOCK5 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Joseph4), daughter
of Joseph and Esther (Hallowell) Heacock, born in Jenkintown, Pa., 9 mo. 25,
1827, died at Wyncote 6 mo. 11, 1911. She, with her sister Jane (156), was for
twenty years in charge of the Colored Orphans; Home, an institution maintained
by the United States Government at Washington, D.C. She was also with her
other sisters a teacher in the Friends Schools in Philadelphia, in addition to
conducting the large and successful Heacock Select School at Chelten Hills,
near their Wyncote home.

152. WILLIAM HEACOCK5 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Joseph4), son of
Joseph and Esther (Hallowell) Heacock, born in Jenkintown, Montgomery Co., Pa.,
8 mo. 15, 1831, died in Philadelphia, 5 mo. 6, 1897. He married, 2 mo. 5,
1863, Julia A. Overholtzer, born 7 mo. 31, 1830, died 1 mo. 28, 1901, daughter
of John and Catharine (Waters) Overholtzer, of Evansburg, Montgomery Co., Pa.
Children of Williams and Julia A. (Overholtzer) Heacock:
301aEsther, b. 1-101864; d. 8-6--1878
301bEllwood, b. 2-151866; m. Lillian M. Bates
301cAlice, b. 12-6--1873; d. 3-4--1906; an adopted daughter
[page 264]
153. EDWARD HEACOCK5 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Joseph4), son of
Joseph and Esther (Hallowell) Heacock, was born in Jenkintown, Pa., 2 mo. 10,
1834. He was educated at the Abington Friends School and learned the trade of
a carpenter in Delaware. He went West in 1859, crossing the plains with an ox-
team to Pikes Peak, Colorado, as one of the horde of gold seekers flocking to
that locality sometimes known as the Fifty-niners in contradiction to
the Forty-niners of California. At that time Fort Kearney was the only
permanent residence of white man in what is now the state of Nebraska.
At the outbreak of the Civil War, Edward Heacock went to Missouri and
enlisted at Lexington, in Company F, First Missouri Light Artillery, U. S.,
being the first regiment recruited for war in Missouri. He took part in the
battles of Wilsons Creek, Prairie Grove, the siege of Vicksburg, and in other
engagements and was honorably discharged with the rank of Quartermasters
Sergeant. In 1867 he married, first, Jeanette I. Andrews, of Camden, Ohio, and
settled in St. Louis, Mo. In 1870 he removed to Mobertly, Mo., where he was in
charge of the building of bridges in the construction of the Missouri Pacific
R. R. He later returned to St. Louis and about 1880 removed to the state of
New York where he was superintendent of building construction in the Hudson
River District of the West Shore R. R. from New York to Troy. In 1888 he
returned to Pennsylvania and built a residence on part of the Heacock homestead
at Chelten Hills, where he resided until 1893, when, his wife having died, he
went to California to live with his married daughter Jeanette. He later
removed to Huntingdon, West Virginia, and lived there with his daughter Annie
M. (Heacock) Whittaker, until his death on 7 mo. 3, 1918. His remains were
brought to Abington, and buried in the Friends Burial Ground there.
Edward Heacock, as above stated, married, first, Jeanette I. Andrews,
of Camden, Ohio. She died in St. Louis, Mo., 8 mo. 10, 1868, and he married,
second, 5 mo. 3, 1870, Helen N. Whitmore, of Coldwater, Michigan, a descendant
of Ethan Allen, a family of Vermont.
Child of Edward and Jeanette I. (Andrews) Heacock:
302Annie Minerva, born in St. Louis, Mo., 1868; m. Alfred W. Whittaker
Children of Edward and Helen N. (Whitmore) Heacock:
303Joseph Linden, b. 7-281873, at Moberly, Mo.; m. Caroline L. Betts
304Jeanette C., m. ---------
305Nellie, d. in infancy
306Mary, d. in infancy
307Edna, b. 2-5--1887. Graduated from Mt. Holyoke College. She was
principal of a Public School at Ainsworth, Neb. In 1919 she was the only woman
member of the staff of the Gililand Laboratories at Ambler, Pa. In 1920 she
became bacteriologist of the Squibbs Laboratories at New Brunswick, N. J.,
where she now (1922) resides.
[page 265]
158. HON. JOSEPH HEACOCK5 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Joseph4),
son of Joseph and Esther (Hallowell) Heacock, was born at Jenkintown, Pa., 7
mo. 11, 1846. He was educated at the Friends School at Abington and the
Friends Central School, Philadelphia. He was reared on his fathers farm at
Wyncote, Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County, Pa., and early became
interested in improving the science of agriculture. In 1871 he went to
Pittsburgh and spent three years in the iron works there, and one year in
charge of a lime quarry at Uniontown, Fayette County, Pa.
In 1875 he returned home and took charge of his fathers farm, first
giving special attention to truck farming. In 1876 he erected the first of his
later mammoth greenhouses and devoted his principal attention to the
propogation of flowers. He later purchased a farm at Roelofs, Bucks County,
and erected large greenhouses there. He also added a dairy and erected model
stables and kept one of the finest herds of dairy cattle in the country. The
milk furnished by his dairy was considered far superior to the milk ordinarily
sold, and brought a superior price. The business was operated in 1906 as the
Joseph Heacock Company.
Joseph Heacock was elected to the State Senate of Pennsylvania in 1910,
and served one term of four years. He was later a candidate for Congress in
the eighth district on the Progressive and Democratic ticket, but was defeated
at the polls. He was a man of excellent ability and highly respected in the
community in which he lived. He died at Wyncote, 3 mo. 18, 1918. He married,
7 mo. 5, 1877, Elizabeth Walker, born 1 mo. 8, 1843, daughter of Thomas
Robinson and Mary (Baynes) Walker, of a prominent Friends family, of the
Chester Valley, near Valley Forge. She survives him and resides at Wycote.
Children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Walker) Heacock:
308Fannie B., d. in infancy
309James Walker, b. 1879, President of the Joseph Heacock Company; m. Lucy
Orne; one child, James Walker, Jr.
310Esther, b. 1880; living at Wyncote, Pa.; unm.
311Mary, d. in infancy
312Priscilla W., living unm.
313Edward Rockhill, b. 1885. He graduated at the University of
Pennsylvania in the class of 1907, and was lost in the Canadian Rockies while
on an exploring expedition made up of the Alumni and under-graduates of the
University in the summer of 1907.

160. HANNAH FOULKE HEACOCK5 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Enos4),
daughter of Enos and Sarah (Foulke) Heacock, born in Rockhill, Bucks County,
Pa., 3 mo. 17, 1828, removed with her parents [page 266] to Indiana in
1845, and was still living in Knightstown, Indiana, in 1909. She married Levi
P. Wood.
Children of Levi P. and Hannah Foulke (Heacock) Wood:
314Joseph H.
315Sarah H.
316William Owen
317Phebe Alice
320Charles Sumner

161. HUGH FOULKE HEACOCK5 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Enos4), son
of Enos and Sarah (Foulke) Heacock, born in Rockhill Township, Bucks County,
Pa., 1 mo. 29, 1831, was fourteen years of age when the family removed to
Lewisville, Indiana. He married there Mary Ann Fairbanks.
Children of Hugh Foulke and Mary Ann (Fairbanks)
321Mary Ann
323John I.
324Sarah Florence

164. ENOS ELWOOD HEACOCK5 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Enos4), son
of Enos and Sarah (Foulke) Heacock, born in Rockhill Township, Bucks County,
Pa., 6 mo. 5, 1843, was but two years old when the family removed to
Lewisville, Indiana, where he was reared and educated. He married Ann Weaver
and was living in Quincy, Illinois, in 1869.
Children of Enos Elwood and Ann (Weaver) Heacock:
325Ulysses G., m. -----------
326Clara Lenora

169. JONAH HEACOCK5 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Nathan4), son of
Nathan and Eliza (Hallowell) Heacock, born 7 mo. 22, 1840, in Rush County,
Indiana, married, 6 mo. 18, 1868, Zilpha Holloway. She was born 8 mo. 29,
1848, and was the daughter of Jason and Sarah Jane (Rawls) Holloway, of Wabash
County, Indiana.
Children of Jonah and Zilpha (Holloway) Heacock:
329aEdwin Holloway, b. 5-221869; m. Helen Josephine Taylor
329bFlorence, b. 11-4--1871

265. AARON HEACOCK6 (Jonathan1, William2, William3, Edward4, Tobias
S.5), eldest son of Tobias S. and Catharine (Leidy) Heacock, was born in
Hilltown Township, Bucks County, Pa., in 1833, and died in that township, near
the village of Dublin, 1 mo. 6, 1915. He learned the trade of pump making with
his father and followed that vocation in connection with farming for many
years. In 1876 he purchased a farm of eighty acres adjoining the present
borough of Dublin and lived thereon until his death. He married in 1860
Elizabeth Krout, of an old Pennsyl- [page 267] vania-German family, who
were among the early settlers in Bedminster Township, Bucks County, where she
was born in 1835. She died at Dublin in 1913. They became members of the
Mennonite Church.
Children of Aaron and Elizabeth (Krout) Heacock:
330Annie, b. 1862; m. Milton Benner; living near Souderton, Pa. No
331Lavina, b. 1863; m. first, Joseph Leatherman; living near Dublin,
Pa.; children, Naomi, Asher, Joseph, Reuben. She married, second, Reuben
Rickert, of Dublin, Pa.; children, Katie, Harry
332Lizzie, b. 1865; m. John F. Leatherman; living in New Britain
Township, Bucks Co.; children, Walter H., living on the home farm; Arthur H.,
m. Barabar Nice, living in Doylestown; Roy, living at home.
333Edward, b. 2-171867; m. Ella Landis
334Catharine, b. 1869; m. Jonas Hunsberger; living on the Heacock
homestead at Dublin; children, Ray, m. Elsie Bishop; Earle, m. Estelle
Detweiler; Paul, m. Edna Ruth

280. CHARLES G. HEACOCK6 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Jonah4,
Warner5), eldest son of Warner and Alice (Singley) Heacock, born in Richland
Township, Bucks County, Pa., 3 mo., 1847, died in Philadelphia, 10 mo. 5,
1920. He married Amanda Johnson, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Rynear)
Johnson, of Richland. She was born in Richland, 3 mo. 24, 1845, and is still
living in Philadelphia. He was buried in Richland Friends Burying Ground.
(See No. 100, Chapter XXIV).
Children of Charles G. and Amanda (Johnson) Heacock:
335Joseph, d. young
336Alonzo, d. young
337Edgar P., b. 1876; living in Glassboro, N. J. (1920); m. Rachel Fryant;
no children
338J. Levi, b. 1879; living on N. 61st St., Phila. (1920); m. Effie Lacey;
children, Josephine, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Lawrence

286. WILLIAM WINFIELD HEACOCK6 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3,
William4, Nathan B.5), eldest son of Nathan Barclay and Salome (Fries) Heacock,
born at Carversville, Bucks County, Pa., 2 mo. 4, 1851, went to Kansas to live
in 1872, and later removed to the far west, dying in Seattle, Washington, 11
mo.5, 1919. He married Jennie Louise Terwell, of Minneapolis, Minn. She died
in Moscow, Idaho, 10 mo.16, 1900.
[page 268]Children of William Winfield and Jennie Louise
(Terwell) Heacock:
339Helen Francis, b. 7-141876; m. Jacob Kauffman; living in Seattle
340Odean Horace, b. 11-2--1882; unm., living in Chicago
341Emma Loretta, b. 3-1--1885; d. 8-261913; unm.
342William Winfield, b. 2-221888; m. Florence Louise Erchell
343Walter, b. 4-7--1891; d. 4-201891, in Wilmington, Del.

287. ARAMINDA HEACOCK6 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, William4,
Nathan B.5), oldest daughter of Nathan Barclay and Salome (Fries) Heacock, born
at Carversville, Bucks County, Pa., 10 mo. 5, 1853, married, first, 2 mo.,
1883, Owen Neal, and they lived for some time in Florida. He died on his way
north at Florence, North Carolina, 11 mo. 4, 1886, and was buried at Camden in
that state. She married second, Evan Thomas, who died in Melbourne, Florida,
where she still resides. They have no children.

289. DE WITT CLINTON HEACOCK6 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3,
William4, Nathan B.5), fourth child of Nathan Barclay and Salome (Fries)
Heacock, born at Carversville, Bucks County, Pa., married, 12 mo. 7, 1882,
Laura Cook Ferris. They resided at Ogontz, Pa., where he died 1 mo. 7, 1919.
His widow resides there with their only child.
Child of De Witt Clinton and Laura Cook (Ferris)
344Elsie May, b. 5-5--1888; unm.

292. ANNIE MAY HEACOCK6 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, William4,
Nathan B.5), daughter of Nathan Barclay and Salome (Fries) Heacock, born at
Carversville, Bucks County, Pa., 9 mo. 20, 1860, married 1 mo. 28, 1880, Louis
N. Fender. She died 1 mo. 19, 1891, in Philadelphia, Pa., and he married,
second, 3 mo. 2, 1891, her sister, Eva Lavina, and they reside at Glenside, Pa.
Child of Louis N. and Annie May (Heacock) Fender:
345Annie May, b. 10-101890; living at Glenside, Montgomery Co., Pa., with
her father and stepmother.
Children of Louis N. and Eva Lavina (Heacock) Fender:
346Raymond H.

294. HENRY FRIES HEACOCK6 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, William4,
Nathan B.5) ninth child of Nathan Barclay and Salome (Fries) Heacock, born at
Carversville, Bucks County, Pa., 10 mo. 11, 1863 is a dealer in store fixtures
at 51 N. 2d Street, Philadelphia. He married 2 mo. 22, 1893, Caroline Kirby,
also of Philadelphia.
Child of Henry Fries and Caroline (Kirby) Heacock:
348Monroe Kirby, b. 8-221897; m. 11-2--1920, Edna May Schweilert
[page 269]
301b. ELLWOOD HEACOCK6 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Joseph4,
William5), son of William and Julia A. (Overholtzer) Heacock, born 2 mo. 15,
1866, married 4 mo. 26, 1893, Lillian M. Bates, born 8 mo. 22, 1867, daughter
of Francis G. and Mary A. (Brooks) Bates, of Springfield, Mass., later of
Philadelphia, Pa. Ellwood* and his wife are living in Philadelphia.
Children of Ellwood and Lillian M. (Bates) Heacock:
348aGladys M., b. 1-291897; m. 4-3--1921, George William MacFarland,
living in Camden, N. J. Child, George William, b. 4-2--1922
348bFlorence Mabelle, b. 1-6--1899; m. 3-261917, Carlisle W. Taylor,
living at State College, Pa. Child, Jean Carlisle, b. 3-19-1918
348cHazel M., b. 11-121902; a student at Cornell University.

* Ellwood Heacock has the ancient Family Bible of Jonathan and Ann Heacock
containing written inscription Jonathan Heacock his book cost 15 at London,
and recording births of his six children, also high eight-day clock supposed to
have been brought from London in 1711.

302. ANNIE MINERVA HEACOCK6 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Joseph4,
Edward5), only child of Edward and Jeanette I. (Andrews) Heacock, born in St.
Louis, Mo., in 1868, married Alfred W. Whittaker, of Camden, Ohio, and they
removed to Huntingdon, West Virginia.
Children of Alfred W. and Annie Minerva (Heacock)
349Alfred Heacock
350Elizabeth Heacock

303. JOSEPH LINDEN HEACOCK6 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Joseph4,
Edward5), only son of Edward and Helen N. (Whitmore) Heacock, born at Moberly,
Mo., 7 mo. 28, 1873, graduaged from the Department of Architecture, University
of Pennsylvania, in 1899, and has since practiced his profession in
Philadelpha. He married, in 1904, Caroline Lancaster Betts, daughter of
Colonel Charles Malone Betts, of Philadelphia, and his wife, Louisa g. Hance;
the latter being a daughter of David E. Hance, a member of the firm of Hance
Brothers and White, of Philadelphia, by his wife, Sarah Jordan Lancaster,
daughter of Moses and Susan (Jordan) Lancaster. (See Nos. 28, 38, Chapter
XXVI). Linden and Caroline L. Betts Heacock reside in Germantown.
Children of Joseph Linden and Caroline Lancaster
(Betts) Heacock:
352Frances Caroline, b. 7-261905
353J. Linden, Jr., b. 10-171909
354Edward Lancaster, b. 8-181919

304. JEANETTE C. HEACOCK6 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Joseph4,
Edward5), daughter of Edward and Helen N. (Whitmore) Heacock, born in Moberly,
Mo., married, and they resided in California.
[page 270]
325. ULYSSES G. HEACOCK6 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Enos4, Enos
Elwood5), eldest child of Enos Elwood and Ann (Weaver) Heacock, born in Quincy,
Illinois, married -----.
Children of Ulysses G. and ------- (----------) Heacock:
355Clara Leonora, d. young
356Cora H., living in Topeka, Kansas
357Frank E., d. young
358George W., d. young
359Edward M., living in Chicago
360Charles S., living in Austin, Texas; m. Edna MacHillyer, of Austin,
Texas; children, Charles S., Jr., Edward M., m. ---------, Cora, m. J. D. Hall
361Walker D., d. young

329a. EDWIN HOLLOWAY HEACOCK6 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3, Nathan4,
Jonah5), son of Jonah and Zilpha (Holloway) Heacock, born 5 mo. 22, 1869, in
Wabash County, Indiana. He married, 12 mo. 23, 1905, Helen Josephine Taylor,
daughter of Albert and Mary (Conlon) Taylor of Detroit. She was born 9 mo. 27,
Child of Edwin H. and Helen J. (Taylor) Heacock:
361aRobert Taylor, b. 11-201907

333. EDWARD HEACOCK7 (Jonathan1, William2, William3, Edward4, Tobias
S.5, Aaron6), son of Aaron and Elizabeth (Krout) Heacock, was born in Hilltown
Township, Bucks County, Pa, 2 mo.17, 1867. He married in 1887 Ella Landis, of
Plumstead Township, and purchased a farm in that township, near Fountainville,
on which he still resides.
Children of Edward and Ella (Landis) Heacock:
362Willie, m. first, Sallie Leatherman; second, Bertha Watts; children,
Paul, Claude, Ruth
363Kate, m. Wilson Haring of Plumstead
364Bessie, m. Wilson Long of Gardenville; three children
365Mary, m. Lieut. Walter Hibbard, who served in the World War, reinstated
in the U. S. Army, and sailed for the Philippines Oct. 29, 1920; wife and child
accompanied him
366Warren, m.
367Ella, single, living at home
368Marvin, single, living at home

342. WILLIAM WINFIELD HEACOCK, Jr.7 (Jonathan1, William2, Jesse3,
William4, Nathan B.5, William W.6), son of William Winfield and Jennie L.
(Terwell) Heacock, born at Wilmington, Del., 2 mo. 22, 1888, later went west
with his parents, finally located at Seattle, Wash. He married Florence Louise
Erschell, of Newport, Ky.
Children of William W. and Florence L. (Erschell)
369Erschell Winfield, b. 4-8--1912
370William Edwards, b. 1-241914

[END] David Wallace Tourison, Sheridan Wyoming, 21 MAR 2002

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