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From: John Rittenhouse <>
Subject: Re: [ORIGINAL-13] Germantown Historic Places, 2
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 10:58:10 -0700 (PDT)
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Don't forget the site of the Rittenhouse paper mill. The first paper mill in America was built in 1690 in Germantown by my 8th great grandfather William Rittenhouse. It was destroyed by a flood in 1700, and rebuilt in 1702. The second one was destoyed by fire in the 1770 and a third one was rebuilt. It stayed in the family for generations.

Eugene Stackhouse <> wrote:

"Germantown Crier", Vol. 28, #4, Fall 1976:

Germantown is famous for its interesting historic sites, many of great beauty and interest. The list of houses (open to the public) includes Stenton, the Germantown Historical Society, Grumblethorpe, Germantown White House (Deshler-Morris House), Wyck, Johnson House, Upsala and Cliveden.

1. STENTON-18th and Courtland Streets. Built by James Logan, Secretary to William Penn. 1723-1730.

2. Loudoun-Germantown and Apsley Street (Neglee's Hill). Built by Thomas Armat, 1801. Lived in by five generations of his descendants, the fifth also descended from James Logan.

3. LOWER GERMANTOWN BURYING GROUND (Hood's Cemetery), corner East Logan Street and Germantown Avenue. Land presented to Borough of Germantown by Pauk Wolf, 1790.

4. Site of THONES KUNDER House-5109 Germantown Avenue. One of the original 13 settlers of Germantown, 1683. The first formal protest in America against human slavery was issued here in 1688.

5. Site of GILBERT STUART HOUSE AND STUDIO-5140 Germantown Avenue. The Athenaeum portrait of George Washington was painted here.

6. BAYTON House-5208 Germantown Avenue. Built in 1802.

7. CONYNGHAM-HACKER House-5214 Germantown Avenue. Built by William Forbes in 1772.

8. HOWELL House-5218 Germantown Avenue. Built in 1795 by William Forbes.

9. THE ENDT House-5222-24 Germantown Avenue. Built middle 18th century.

10. BECHTEL House-5226 Germantown Avenue. Built 1742.

11. GRUMBLETHORPE (Wister Homestead)-5267 Germantown Avenue. Built by John Wister, 1744. British General Agnew died here after the Battle of Germantown.

12. CLARKSON-WATSON House-5275-77 Germantown Avenue. Summer home of Matthew Clarkson. Mayor of Philadelphia. Thomas Jefferson and Edmund Randolph, Attorney General, resided here during the epidemic of 1793. Home of John Fanning Watson, noted annalist and the first location of the National Bank of Germantown in 1825.

To be continued.

Gene Stackhouse
"Beer: The perfect food."
Gene Stackhouse
"Beer: The perfect food."
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From: Antoinette Waughtel Sorensen
Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2006 10:28 AM
Subject: Re: [ORIGINAL-13] Germantown Historic Places, 2

Could you please re-send the first portion - (1 - 12) to me (
) - I thought I had it saved but cannot find it
Thank you.
Antoinette (Tacoma, Washington)

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Sent: Saturday, May 27, 2006 8:34 PM
Subject: [ORIGINAL-13] Germantown Historic Places, 2

> 13. TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH 5300 Germantown Avenue-Established in 1836.
SOWER HOUSE-5300 Germantown Avenue, where first type in America was made,
1772 to 1773, and in 1745 the first Bible, in German, was printed.
> 14. THE GERMANTOWN WHITE HOUSE (Deshler-Morris House)-5442 Germantown
Avenue. Built by David Deshler, 1772. Occupied by President Washington in
1793 and again in 1794.
> MARKET SQUARE-The center of Old Germantown, where the Market House, Fire
House and Public Scales were for many years.
> [Market Square contains the GAR Monument erected by Ellis Post 6, GAR in
1883, to honor the Civil War veterans of Germantown.]
> [The Germantown Historical Society is now located just behind Market
Square on Church Lane].
> 15. GERMANTOWN-STEVENS ACADEMY [now the Pennsylvania School for the
Deaf]-School House Lane and Greene Street. Used as a hospital after the
Battle of Germantown. Both Washington and Lafayette visited here.
> 16. WISTER MANSION IN VERNON PARK-North of Chelten Avenue on Germantown
Avenue. Built by James Matthews, 1803. Bought by John Wister in 1812, and
named "VERNON."
> 17. GREEN TREE TAVERN-6019 Germantown Avenue. Built by Daniel Pastorius in
1748. [No longer standing]
> 18. PASTORIUS House-25 High Street. Built in 1796 by Daniel Pastorius,
great grandson of Francis Daniel Pastorius. [No longer standing]
> Gene Stackhouse
> "Beer: The perfect food."
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