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From: Lisa Conrad <>
Subject: Orkney strays in 1855
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 16:07:36 -0700

1855 -->> This was the first year of Scottish Civil Registration for
births/ marriages/ deaths, and these registers contained more information
within them than subsequent years' records.

Besides myself, I am sure that many of you have also found information from
the 1855 registers that sometimes, by chance, was not found in any other

I thought I would let you know of the Orkney "strays" I found notated in the
So. Ronaldsay & Burray 1855 Civil Birth Registers (the 1855 Birth Registers
gave the birthplace of the parents of the newborn), in case anyone was
interested in placing the location of their ancestor for the year 1855.

(If anyone cares to do a similar email, if they have 1855 registers for
their own Orkney county... I am looking for So. Ron & Burray strays!)

1855 So Ronaldsay & Burray births--

Page #1, entry #2:
newborn(s): twins Betsy & Margaret COOPER, born Burray.
father: John COOPER, age "42", born Stronsay.
mother: Ann /m.s./ CURSATER, age "40", born Rendal.

Page #1, entry #4:
newborn: Mary SINCLAIR, born St. Margt.'s Hope.
father: John SINCLAIR, age "27", born Orphir.
mother: Mary /m.s./ LEASK, age "27", born Kirkwall.

Page #3, entry #11:
newborn: Ann SUTHERLAND, born Burray.
father: Donald SUTHERLAND, age "40", born Burray.
mother: Barbara /m.s./ GUTHRIE, age "40", born Kirkwall.

Page #3, entry #13:
newborn: Ann RENDAL, born Quindry.
father: William RENDAL, age "28", born Westray.
mother: Catharine /m.s./ BENSTON, age "39", born No. Parish (of So.

Page #4, entry #16:
newborn: Georgina CAMPBELL, born Burray.
father: George CAMPBELL, age "27", born Caithness.
mother: Catharine /m.s./ ALLAN, age "30", born Sandwick on Mainland.

Page #4, entry #18:
newborn: Catharine PETRIE, born Burray.
father: Gavin PETRIE, age "40", born Caithness.
mother: Catharine /m.s./ HAY, age "36", born Orphir.

Page #4, entry #19:
newborn: Jane Dearness ROSIE, born St. Margt.'s Hope.
father: David ROSIE, age "44", born St. Margt.'s Hope.
mother: Barbara /m.s./ WISHART, age "42", born Rousay.

Page #7, entry #35:
newborn: Agnes Seatter BURGESS, born Burray.
father: Daniel BURGESS, age "37", born Gairth (So. Ron.).
mother: Mary /m.s./ WYLIE, age "41", born Holm.

Page #11, entry #55:
newborn: Jane MURRAY, born Blanster.
father: James MURRAY, age "46", born Stronsay.
mother: Jane /m.s./ THOMISON, age "40", born Flotta.

Page #12, entry #56:
newborn: Jane SETTER, born Sandwick (So. Ron.).
father: William SETTER, age "42", born Orphir.
mother: Helen /m.s./ MATHIES[ON], age "35", born Canisbay.

Page #12, entry #57:
newborn: John MATHIESON, born Dundas House.
father: John MATHIESON, age "22", born Mey.
mother: Jannet /m.s./ DUNNET, age "23", born "Huna" [I think this means
"Hunda" or "Hunday"].

Page #12, entry #59:
newborn: William Berston MATCHES, born Grimness.
father: Charles MATCHES, age "27", born Holm.
mother: Anne /m.s./ BERSTON, age "26", born Grimness.

Page #13, entry #62:
newborn: David ROSS, born Burray.
father: James ROSS, age "37", born Burray.
mother: Helen /m.s./ JOHNSTONE, age "34", born Tankerness.

Page #13, entry #65:
newborn: Jane Laing WARDS, born St. Margt.'s Hope.
father: David WARDS, age "35", born St. Margt.'s Hope.
mother: Isabella /m.s./ LOGIE, age "33", born Westray.

Page #14, entry #68:
newborn: Thomas TULLOCH, born St. Margt.'s Hope.
father: William TULLOCH, age "37", born Sanday.
mother: Jane /m.s./ STEWART, age "", born St. Margt.'s Hope.

Page #14, entry #70 and Page #15, entry # 71:
newborns: twins Robert Cromarty AIM, & Mary Cromarty AIM, born Hoxay.
father: Peter AIM, age "40", born Holm.
mother: Margaret /m.s./ CROMARTY, age "29", born Widewall.

Page #15, entry #72:
newborn: Jane Budge NORQUAY, born St. Margt.'s Hope.
father: Alexander NORQUAY, age "28", born Orphir.
mother: Maria /m.s./ BUDGE, age "", born Grimness.

Page #16, entry #77:
newborn: Magnus LINKLATTER, born Grimness.
father: William LINKLATTER, age "45", born Sanday.
mother: Barbara /m.s./ SUTHERLAND, age "44", born Grimness.

Page #17, entry #85:
newborn: Margaret SEATER, born Windwick.
father: Robert SEATER, age "37", born Westray.
mother: Jannet /m.s./ BONNYMAN, age "32", born Leith.

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