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Hello folks

I do not know who this Jonathan and Stephen are perhaps Stephen who married
Comfort Langham, and although this is a rambling account, and has little to
do with Jonathan and Stephen, I thought it might be enjoyed for the flavor
it offers of the time and place of your ancestors.


>From the North Carolina Genealogical Socity Jurnal Vol 5 Feb 1979

the Hollows or Hallows is a name given to the upland country in the
vicinity of the present community of Mount Airy in Surry Co., N.C.. The
story below was related by one John Bryan in 1823 and is filed in the
Walter Clark Manuscripts ( File # P. C. 8. 1)
at the N.C. State Archives in Raliegh.

“ Now I shall proceed to give you a small detail of the Hallows in
Surry..... amongest the first settlers... Edward Jones., Jonathan Orsborn &
Stephen Orsborn., them 3 men ware prisable men that built the fort in the
Hallow about 2 miles(from Punkins Tavorn... After sometime they ware joined
by alot of conterfiters that made escape from Snow Creek.. then Bedford
VA... ther was one of the gang by name of Pad Morriss...(Samuel) Ewin run
him out of that part....( I saw in the papers some time since that the
noted hoarse thief Pad Morris was hanged at Ninety-Six.. South Carolina))..
Ewin was a man of great enterprise and had pased many times through the
Indian Nation.. At length one day as he went to cross the Tenesee near
Colbert’s ferry, he had to swim his horse by a canoe. The horse was
unruly.. being rough shod.. struck him on the head and put an end to his
existance and that was the end of Ewin. .. Pad Morriss was a brother to
William Mills wife... He, Mills, was the son of Ambrose Mills that
entertained so many of the Tories after the defeat at Ready River in 76_
_.. This old Ambrose Mills Joined Furgason... was Taken at Kings Mountain
and Hanged afterwards.. The Cause to his attachment to the British was
this- In the time of Bradocks war.. the indians had killed his wife and
some of his children.. he was relieved by the Britsih.. He differed from
old Mr Medley whose wife had been so much befriended by the Nation but when
they attempted to take his liberty from him.. his eyes ware open to his own
interest and defended his wright to the last...

William Mills wife- Nancy Morriss was her first name- had a son in her
youth by Frohock of Salisbury... The child was taken and raised by the
father in a secret manner. Intirely unnone to Mills, this son went by the
name Frohock.. His father gave him a Good estate & was in company with
Charles Hunt at the Shallow Ford-From him the town of Huntsville ( Now in
southeast Yadkin Co,) took its name. After young Mr. Frohock came to the
years of maturity, he took a notion to visit his mother who by this time
had raised family of five daughters who ware implyed in washing of cloathes
at a place.. not far from the house with ther mother in company.... When he
came to the house and asked for Mrs. Mills, found wher she was, went to her
and made him self known in presence of her children- wich had never heard
such a thing. All though she was a woman of great sence, she was so afected
that she fainted away and was taken up as dead and carried to the house and
put to bed. Mr. Mills was not at home at the time. When all things ware
settled, Mr Mills came in and the secret fully made known to him. He took
his horse and followed 12 miles over took him ( Frohock) for his first
aquantance, invited him home and treeted him as a son. it must not be
forgat that Mr. Mills & his wife has raised a family of dayghters that rank
with the first people of credit. These accounts of Mr. Mills and Famely is
hersay but I have reason to believe it is true.
To return to Surry- in the Hallow after the Revolution was settled, it
continued in Peace until Absalom Burton came and lived on the Mountain at
Flowry Gap. He commenced the conterfiting business and a great
corispondence with both conterfiters and hors theives thus increased. One
Turner from near the shallow ford settled in the mountain; Bingham from
S.C. Took shelter with them and Willis Wadkin also. who was afterwards
hanged at Salisbury. The business became notorous. It happened that William
Twitty, a brother to Allien Twitty, the noted conterfeiter, pased by my
house in the Hollow. The conversation turned on that subject and he told me
of sonme horses that had been stolen from Reather’s Ford. I gave him the
description of one in wrighting. The horse belonged to Lewis Hunter who cam
to me and got his horse. Hunter after that joined the conterfiters. He was
a merchant at Reatherford Courthouse. This information gave use to Father
Inquries. Several of my old aquantances applied to me. Some got ther
horses. Others got paid for theirs from burton. This broke Burton and
Turner who ware the mane ( Leaders)... The next year Willis Watkins was
taken and afterward hanged- but the old (Leaders) was not intirly purged
out so it has grown to the hite it is nowat wich you are better acquainted
than I am at present- but there may be some of you are not fully aquainted
with. This Col William Dicky of Gilford is a son of Mathew Dicky of
Grayson., He was one of King George’s friends in Pensylvany and I have been
told he left that country on that account. Now you see how fare this son of
Mr. Dicky differs from that thomas Blair.) Eds Note The flowry gap took
its name from the practice of carrying flower on horse back in former times
in a scarsity on the New River.. The good spur took its name from a half
bred Indian..

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