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Subject: James Copeland
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 11:54:42 EST

In Copeland Book , there is mention of a young preacher that rode with the
Copeland gang.

My gr grandpapa was born in 1826. He would have been very young when the
James Copeland gang was active.

My Grandpapa Rev. Joseph Ryan Waldrop was born in Gwennett County, Georgia,
moved in 1840 to DeSoto County, Northern Mississippi. He then moved to Tenn.
about 1845 then he left wife and family and wandered for many years . In 1870
he was ambushed shot and killed in Escatawpa, Alabama in Washington County
which is on the line of Wayne and Green County,Mississippi.

As the Family stories goes he came to Washington County to look for the gold
that was buried in the Creeks and River (Escatawpa River) where the Copeland
gang buried the stolen gold.
Stories go , that he was recognized by former members of the gang that
recognize him when he was close to the gold or had already found it.

This story of my great grandpapa Joseph Ryan Waldrop has been in the Waldrop
and Baxter families for several generations .

My gr gr uncle Detective Ben Woulard was mention in the Back of the James
Copeland Book . He was the Detective that captured the man who killed Stanley.

Detective Ben Woulard was my gr grandmother Mary Elizabeth Woulard who was
married to W. Y. Moss ( William Young Moss), Potolemy Buckalew and Masters.

Stories goes that my gr grandpapa Rev. J. R. Waldrop came back to Washington
and Wayne, Green Counties to find the gold. My JRW was no saint. He was
married to five women and divorced from two. He would have a child or two and leave
them At one time the story goes he was ran out of Mississippi for a duel .
Duels was banned in the early 1800s. The duel was called a righteous duel, but
he still broke the law. He was State Rep. of Washington County, Alabama
1868-1870. He was a member to the KKK , a Retail Merchant, Justice of the Peace,
Minister and Physician. He married my gr grandmother Sara Baxter daughter of J.
W. and Charity Williford Baxter. Sister of James Monroe Baxter and Aunt of
Shepard Baxter of Vinegar Bend, Alabama, Washington County.

Winchester, Mississippi where James Copeland was in jail near where , my
great grandpapa Rev. Joseph R. Waldrop lived his final days. (Please correct me
if I am wrong. I believe the jail he was in is still there. We visited it a
few years back. I am emailing you by memory and I do stand to be corrected. It's
been a while since I've read the book.)

I wanted to give details to see if any names or dated rung a bell.

Please when you have time reply to me at.

I use the CompuServe email address most often.

Thank you for your time.

maiden name Waldrop
Muscogee County, Georgia

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